– Mar 20 2018

Clues Answers
”Halt, __ goes there?” WHO
100-yard race DASH
Active person DOER
All over again ANEW
At any __ (nevertheless) RATE
Away from home NOTIN
Backyard barbecue spot PATIO
Broadway award TONY
Campfire residue ASHES
Canyon sound ECHO
Castaway’s escape vehicle RAFT
Chose, with ”for” OPTED
Comically outlandish ZANY
Diplomatic improvement THAWINHOSTILITY
Do some fridge maintenance DEFROSTAFREEZER
Double-curve letter ESS
Explorer Ponce de __ LEON
Female choir voice ALTO
Finds a function for USES
Fishing-line holders REELS
Fork prong TINE
Franklin of soul music ARETHA
Frequently OFTEN
Gasoline or propane FUEL
Genesis paradise EDEN
Geographical reference book ATLAS
German auto AUDI
Give off EMIT
Golfer’s shout FORE
Gorillas, for instance APES
Highly capable ADEPT
Historical periods ERAS
Koran reader’s faith ISLAM
Lake beside Cleveland ERIE
Lariat ROPE
Lariats LASSOS
Lean slightly TILT
Make an exchange TRADE
Clues Answers
Mardi __ GRAS
Maze-running rodent LABRAT
Monetary penalties FINES
Money in Mexico PESO
Money in Spain EURO
Montana neighbor IDAHO
New Hampshire neighbor MAINE
Notion IDEA
Of mail POSTAL
Of the sun SOLAR
Online auction site EBAY
Outer border EDGE
Part of the eye RETINA
Part of the eye IRIS
Phone-book listings: Abbr NOS
Poker pot starter ANTE
Puts up, as a painting HANGS
Real estate measure ACRE
Receive, as a salary EARN
Relaxing resort SPA
Remainder REST
Sandwich breads RYES
Small sofa SETTEE
Small songbirds WRENS
So far ASYET
Speaks unclearly SLURS
Spot of land in the sea ISLET
The one over there THAT
Tips of socks TOES
Tool for rowing OAR
Trails for hiking PATHS
Urban thoroughfares: Abbr STS
VIPs’ autos LIMOS
Waist straps BELTS
Wooden pins PEGS
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Worry (about) FRET
Writer __ Allan Poe EDGAR
__ monster (Arizona lizard) GILA

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