– Mar 21 2018

Clues Answers
”Look what I did!” TADA
”Sad to say . . .” ALAS
”__ the season . . .” TIS
Actor Alda ALAN
Aerialist’s safety gear NET
Airline to Israel ELAL
Al __ (pasta order) DENTE
Animation collectible CEL
Antlered animals ELKS
Beavers’ constructions DAMS
Breakfast order SCRAMBLEDEGGS
Business card abbr TEL
Captain or colonel RANK
Chimp cousin MONKEY
Comfy footwear, for short MOCS
Cooking vessel PAN
Crunchy Tex-Mex food TACOS
Cut, as expenses PARE
Decorative pillows SCATTERCUSHIONS
Diamond measure CARAT
Dips in water WETS
Dire risk PERIL
Does something ACTS
Drive back REPEL
Electric car brand TESLA
Feline line MEOW
French cheese BRIE
Full of backtalk SASSY
Furious MAD
Goblet’s edge RIM
Harder to find RARER
High in calories RICH
Hold firmly GRIP
Indy 500 competitor RACER
Joe of ”GoodFellas” PESCI
Like a doily’s trim LACY
Lubricate OIL
Luxury boat YACHT
Major snowslides AVALANCHES
Clues Answers
Naive ones BABES
Ness of the Untouchables ELIOT
Nest-egg option, for short IRA
Night-sky streakers SHOOTINGSTARS
Night-table device ALARMCLOCK
Non-recyclable stuff TRASH
Novelist Fleming IAN
One from England BRIT
Option for an omelet HAM
Place to graze LEA
Pocket fuzz LINT
Porker’s place STY
Practical jokes PRANKS
Prayer ender AMEN
Predicament MESS
Pushed a doorbell RANG
Quarterback Manning ELI
Reverberation ECHO
Rides the bench SITS
Roof overhang EAVE
Several SOME
Small garage size ONECAR
Some golf clubs IRONS
Sound from a 13 Down OINK
Sounds from Santa HOHO
Squirrel away SAVE
Still in contention ALIVE
Strong wind GALE
Successors of LPs CDS
Sunbeam RAY
Takes a quick look PEEKS
The __ Lama DALAI
Toledo’s lake ERIE
Touch upon ABUT
Very much ALOT
Won back, as territory RETOOK
Wonderland girl ALICE
Zero NIL
__ Moines, IA DES

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