– Mar 22 2018

Clues Answers
”Grey’s Anatomy” airer ABC
”Lord of the Rings” being ELF
”__ but known . . .” HADI
Angelina’s dad JON
Arles article LES
Author of ”Arrowsmith” LEWIS
Becomes ineffective WEARSOFF
Blows up RAGES
Bran source OAT
Bristled household tool SCRUBBRUSH
Cabinet department TREASURY
Carol contraction TIS
Certain photo GLOSSY
Cicada sound CHIRR
Commencement grp SRS
Commerce pact, for short NAFTA
Concocted MADE
Conductor’s talent EAR
Convincing, as an argument COGENT
Cow chow HAY
Decorator’s decisions CARPETS
Dinghies, canoes, etc SMALLCRAFT
Erode EAT
Euro fraction CENT
Family nickname DAD
Farm structure STY
Feudal drudge SERF
Fictional swordsman ARAMIS
First of the children OLDEST
Fjord, for instance INLET
Frat letter RHO
Global furniture giant IKEA
Guatemalan gold ORO
Investor’s profit RETURN
Jocularity JEST
Jocularity MIRTH
Jurist Kagan ELENA
Kitty Hawk claim to fame Firstflight
Clues Answers
Less abundant RARER
Lobbies for URGES
Low point NADIR
Many Wharton grads MBAS
Melville whaler AHAB
Multitude HORDE
Notable time ERA
Ocelot, for instance CAT
Old-fashioned ”Cool!” NEATO
Oz barker TOTO
Paragons of slipperiness EELS
Peanut discard HULL
Place for a swing, maybe FRONTPORCH
Poetic preposition ERE
Pro Bowl org NFL
Regarding ASTO
Remained idle SAT
Rimes of country music LEANN
Round letter CEE
Run from FLEE
Search (out) FERRET
Second-largest continent AFRICA
Sedan stoppers BRAKES
Skylit spaces ATRIA
Something found in seams COAL
Soup sprinkling SALT
Spanish-American War zone CUBA
Spot for snorkeling REEF
Street often near Maple ELM
Sudden charges LUNGES
Twine holder SPOOL
Weightlifting routine BENCHPRESS
What some cakes are SOAP
Winter hrs. in Atlanta EST
With timidity SHYLY
Wood-sole shoe CLOG
__-European languages INDO

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