– Mar 23 2018

Clues Answers
”Calm down” EASY
”Frozen” princess ANNA
”I Ching” concept TAO
”Miracle on Ice” team USA
”Schindler’s __” (basis for a Spielberg film) ARK
Animals in hieroglyphics ASPS
Apropos of INRE
Artiste of courses CHEF
Balm ingredient ALOE
Baseball great Sandberg RYNE
Beyond the horizon AFAR
Big size, for short XLG
Bruins’ school UCLA
Calypso derivative SKA
Carl Jung’s nationality SWISS
Carry on PROCEED
Cause to fret VEX
Commendable quality MERIT
Corroded ATE
Ending for snub NOSED
Equivocate HEDGE
Expresses disapproval HOOTS agency CDC
Group with a common culture ETHNOS
Half of some matching sets HIS
Have the appearance of SEEM
How many magnets are made USHAPED
Inclined to pretension SHOWOFFISH
Insurance grp HMO
Irritant PEST
It could take a little bit DRILL
It means ”human” ANTHRO
It’s above the horizon SKY
Jargon ender ESE
Maneuver on ice AXEL
Metaphor for attention EAR
Miscalculated ERRED
Mixer maker OSTER
Molson merger partner COORS
Clues Answers
Not expected ODD
Optical device LENS
Part of a snicker HEE
Pass its prime GOSTALE
Petite WEE
Platter, for instance SHALLOWDISH
Potato topping, in Greek cuisine FETA
Precipitately INHASTE
Privileged one HAVE
Public spectacle SCENE
Put a strain on TAX
Reaches, as in Monopoly LANDSON
Retired NFLer Boomer ESIASON
Russian retreat DACHA
Salon supply GEL
Scottish soup staple LEEK
Seafood category SHELLFISH
Seminole Wars chief OSCEOLA
Served, as strawberry SCOOPED
Setting for some schools SEA
Shoot up SOAR
Shorts supports HIPS
Small vortex EDDY
Some ”PC” magazine reviews APPS
Spa treatment, for short TLC
Supermodel B√ľndchen GISELE
Totally change REDO
Travails ILLS
Tries to con PREYSON
Upper extremity ACME
Valet accessory SHOEPOLISH
Vivacity GUSTO
Wasting no words CONCISE
Weaver of myth ARACHNE
What the Grinch is ”as charming as” EEL
With brass SASSILY
__ speak (in a way) SOTO

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