Crossword Puzzle Info – Mar 24 2018

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Clues Answers
”Forged by the Sea” org USN
”I didn’t expect that!” HELLO
”That’s a negative” UHUH
’80s role for Eastwood MAYOR
Antenna, in the ’50s? TUBETOP
Aquarium favorite ANGELFISH
At 2 out of 10, say ONLOW
Barely multiple DUAL
Big __ TOE
Celebrious NOTED
Certain degreed clinicians RNS
Chaps HES
Close kin to the sugar beet CHARD
Close to indelicacy RISQUE
Conform AGREE
Coped with MET
Cross the threshold without knocking? GOQUIETLY
Current problem OVERLOAD
Dart or dash RUN
Diner staple TUNAMELT
Dogmatic position TENET
Early Billy Joel workplace PIANOBAR
Emanated AROSE
Extend outward JUT
From now HENCE
Grants conditionally LENDS
High-maintenance headliner DIVA
Holds an attitude POSES
In __ (being tested) BETA
Intern, for instance MEDICO
Kept for safekeeping ASIDE
Lacking in space LADEN
Large square envelope SLEEVE
Latter-day ”Drat!” DOH
Locks that might need picking MANES
Majority Leader after Dole TRENTLOTT
Clues Answers
Make sure of a departure USHEROUT
Mint alternative BASIL
Mullets, en masse SCHOOL
Ne’er-do-wells DASTARDS
Needs nailing? ITCHES
One in a class by herself TUTEE
Ones in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd AGEMATES
Peatland FEN
Person born in the Disco Era GENXER
Place with a large bed OCEAN
Play with the song ”Notice Me, Horton” SEUSSICAL
Police procedure ARREST
Police procedures PATDOWNS
Power boosters AMPS
Prey on successfully ROB
Preys on successfully DUPES
Saint Petersburg’s river NEVA
Sea creatures named for a mythical monster HYDRAS
Second-most-traded currency EUROS
Something seen in saunas MIST
Sonnet section SESTET
Source of fog STRATUS
Taken a great deal ENTRANCED
Termination lines EDGES
They may be underfoot SHAGS
They’re hardly 24 Down NONAMES
Truth teller never believed, per Cicero LIAR
Tux model, presumably GQTYPE
Very, very fine EXQUISITE
Voice of Buzz Lightyear TIMALLEN
What to call clippers HER
What to call some diplomats MADAM
When winter starts, in Wagga Wagga JUNE
Woodpecker sound RATATAT
Word from the Latin for ”hold back” REIN
__ quiz PUB