– Mar 25 2018

Clues Answers
”May I help you?” YES
”Republic” writer PLATO
”Sometimes you feel like __ . . .” ANUT
”Unfortunately, . . .” ALAS
”Waterloo” group ABBA
’50s Ford EDSEL
1300 hours ONEPM
24/7 news pioneer CNN
Absent AWAY
Add, at a record studio DUBIN
Allude to GETAT
Almanac section ATLAS
Amenity for green commuters BIKESTAND
Arabian sultanate OMAN
Athlete’s-foot treatment brand DESENEX
Attire GARB
Author Jong ERICA
Automatic reaction REFLEX
Back out a commitment RENEGE
Be too persistent NAG
Beast in 12 Down’s logo STAG
Below par ILL
Benefits SAKES
Big name in elevators OTIS
Break from a sitcom TVAD
By __ (barely) ANOSE
Candlelike WAXY
Canine from China PUGDOG
Carton sealer TAPE
Cat-collar attachments BELLS
Caterpillar competitor DEERE
Central part HEART
Certain security staffer BANKGUARD
Chase off SHOO
Check an addition RETOTAL
Checkup, for instance EXAM
Chopped down AXED
City in Yemen ADEN
City mentioned in ”That’s Amore” NAPOLI
City north of Bonn ESSEN
Confounded ADDLED
Consist of ARE
Created like pigtails PLAITED
Crowd-scene actor EXTRA
Deface MAR
Didn’t look forward to DREADED
Diminutive toymaker ELF
Director Howard RON
Distort, as data SKEW
Divests RIDS
Dollar sign shape ESS
Doorstep covering MAT
Early American fur tycoon ASTOR
Family nickname SIS
Family, so to speak TRIBE
Famous folks CELEBS
From the UK, say FGN
Genesis 4 figure ABEL
Get happy or angry FLIP
GI’s offense AWOL
Go up alone FLYSOLO
GPS reading ENE
Great, in retro reviews BOFFO
Greatly removed FAR
Half of the checkers REDS
Hardwood tree ASH
Harries BESETS
Helped out AIDED
High-minded NOBLE
Historian __ Kearns Goodwin DORIS
In a nonpermanent way MUTABLY
In a prone position LYING
Clues Answers
Inc. cousin LLC
Infamy SHAME
Ingot, for instance BAR
Investment choice BALANCEDFUND
It means ”trillion” TERA
Lacking slack TAUT
Less assured DICIER
Libyan port city TOBRUK
Line count in a sonnet FOURTEEN
Linguistic suffix ESE
Long sandwich HERO
Mailed SENT
Major Russian river URAL
Mani-__ PEDI
Many times, in verse OFT
McGregor of movies EWAN
Med. clinic workers LPNS
Money in Malta EURO
More inane STUPIDER
Morning TV cohost RIPA
Most squarish BOXIEST
Nautical record LOG
NFL scores TDS
NHL extra periods OTS
Oddly scary EERIE
Office aide GOFER
One living abroad EXPAT
Operatic piece ARIA
Opulent residence ESTATE
OR activity: Abbr SURG
Org. for code crackers ACA
Pacific battleground of 1943 TARAWA
Patrons of 115 Down GUESTS
Petrol measure LITRE
Places to stay INNS
Prayed, in Paris PRIE
Predecessor of Sadat NASSER
Prefix for political GEO
Prefix for present OMNI
Prius or Tesla ECOCAR
Put a stop to ENDED
Road crew material TAR
Roam around WANDER
Ruminate (over) PORE
Sad-eyed pooch BASSETHOUND
Sharp break SNAP
Sheepskin boot UGG
Shoe with a blade ICESKATE
Simple rhyme scheme ABA
Something seen in a profile EAR
Sorority hopeful RUSHEE
Spread gossip DISHED
Starter like contra- ANTI
Step up from a spinet BABYGRAND
Take a loss EATIT
Take for granted ASSUME
Take on or take in ADOPT
Tall tale YARN
Tax-shelter vehicle IRA
The slightest sound PEEP
Timber wolf LOBO
Tire descriptor TUBELESS
Triple-decker sandwich CLUB
Urban wailer SIREN
US Govt. security TBOND
Valuable violin, for short STRAD
Wedding cake figure BRIDE
What eight long answers here do COVERBAND
Wines and dines WOOS
World Series setting BASEBALLDIAMOND
__ toast (soup partner) MELBA

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