– Mar 26 2018

Clues Answers
”Spring forward” period: Abbr DST
Above OVER
An hr. after midnight ONEAM
Angry MAD
Angry mood SNIT
Author T.S ELIOT
Auto with a meter CAB
Back-to-health program, for short REHAB
Become dim FADE
Bullfight cheer OLE
Calf meat for cutlets VEAL
Center of an apple CORE
Clothes-pressing appliance IRON
Coconut tree PALM
Cry of dread OHGOD
Cubes tossed at a casino DICE
Did CIA work SPIED
Dog’s shrill bark YELP
Escorts, as to a penthouse SEESUP
Everything included INALL
Female horse MARE
Fishing poles RODS
French flat cap BERET
Greek cheese FETA
Heavy weight TON
Hectic routine RATRACE
Hooting birds OWLS
Initial poker payment ANTE
Japanese wrestling SUMO
Joint above the ankle KNEE
Keep from happening AVERT
Lipstick stain SMEAR
Make very happy ELATE
Married woman WIFE
Molecule part ATOM
Much-admired celebrity IDOL
Obtain from one’s memory RECALL
Office connectivity system COMPUTERNETWORK
Clues Answers
Once more ANEW
Online auction site EBAY
Otherwise ELSE
Pay a casual visit DROPBY
Perform by oneself SOLO
Place where trains stop RAILROADSTATION
Poor student wearing a conical cap DUNCE
Prefix meaning ”against” ANTI
Prepare for a boxing match SPAR
Prong of a fork TINE
Puts the blame on FAULTS
Rights org ACLU
Scarlet and crimson REDS
See 37 Across CHANNEL
Sheep sounds BAAS
Ship’s freight CARGO
Spool holding fishing line REEL
Storm drains SEWERS
Story seen during sleep DREAM
Surface for skiing SNOW
Sweater’s sleeves ARMS
Synagogue leader RABBI
Take a break REST
Takeout order TOGO
To no __ (useless) AVAIL
Took a photo of SHOT
Top-billed performer STAR
Turnpike charges TOLLS
Tusk or fang TOOTH
Ushers to a seat LEADSIN
Voice of an iPhone SIRI
Wedding cake level TIER
With 39 Across, water north of France ENGLISH
Word-of-mouth ORAL
__ car (airport service) RENTA
__ colada (cocktail) PINA
__ cords (throat tissue) VOCAL
__ Francisco, CA SAN

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