– Mar 27 2018

Clues Answers
”Antiques Roadshow” airer PBS
”I’ve got it!” AHA
”So what __ is new?” ELSE
”We all make mistakes” TOERRISHUMAN
”__ you serious?” ARE
24-hr. cash dispensers ATMS
Anger IRE
Animal’s hideout LAIR
Anti-fur org PETA
Back of the neck NAPE
Balance sheet pluses ASSETS
Banquet platform DAIS
Biblical shouts of praise HOSANNAS
Bit of plumbing PIPE
Bonnets and berets HATS
Cancel a project ENDIT
Carry along TOTE
Coca-Cola rival PEPSI
Company’s personnel STAFF
Cushiony SOFT
Designer Oscar de la __ RENTA
Exclamation like ”Scat!” SHOO
Feels unwell AILS
Fender blemish DENT
From Dublin IRISH
Give a new title to RENAME
Grand-scale film EPIC
Grocery’s walkway AISLE
Hatchling’s call CHEEP
Have a meal EAT
Historical period ERA
Horn section instruments SAXES
Hurricane’s center EYE
Initial stage ONSET
Is demanding ASKSALOT
Junk email SPAM
Leave rolling in the aisles SLAY
Link with TIETO
Love madly ADORE
Clues Answers
Makes simpler EASES
Mingle MIX
Not yet utilized UNTAPPED
Old Roman garment TOGA
One next in line for the throne HEIRAPPARENT
Peak of a wave CREST
Pig sound OINK
Play, as a guitar STRUM
Pub beverage ALE
Ready to hit a baseball ATBAT
Related (to) AKIN
Relaxed and casual INFORMAL
Relay-race stick BATON
Right-angle shapes ELLS
Sandwich bread RYE
School fundraising grp PTA
Serene CALM
Short skirt MINI
Simple kind of question YESNO
Sonnet writer POET
Steals from ROBS
Taj Mahal’s country INDIA
Teacup imperfections CHIPS
That guy HIM
Three-step Cuban dance CHACHA
Toll road PIKE
Top-notch AONE
Upright ERECT
Wanderer NOMAD
Weaving machines LOOMS
Word of welcome HELLO
Writing tools PENS
__ mater (one’s former school) ALMA
__ Moines, IA DES
__ please (does one’s best) AIMSTO
__ sauce (Chinese condiment) SOY
__-craftsy (pretentious) ARTSY

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