– Mar 28 2018

Clues Answers
”Sad to say . . .” ALAS
”Satellite” dashboard device RADIO
”__ name it” YOU
Air-show maneuver LOOP
Arrive GETIN
Aware of ONTO
Bar bill TAB
Be of help AID
Big hairdo AFRO
Bird’s warbling sound TRILL
Broad cuisine category ASIAN
Car shopper’s tryout ROADTEST
Could possibly MAY
Cover of an orange PEEL
Cyberauction company EBAY
Dairy food with curds COTTAGECHEESE
Dexterous AGILE
Director Howard RON
Ecological diet hierarchy FOODCHAIN
Excessive speed HASTE
Fathered SIRED
Faucet annoyance DRIP
Feedbag bit OAT
Feelings of hunger PANGS
From the US AMER
Group of tennis games SET
Highly defensive attitude BUNKERMENTALITY
House, in Mexico CASA
Lions’ hair MANES
Literary category GENRE
Lock of hair TRESS
Long-term investment, for short IRA
Looks at closely EYES
Makes a judicial decision RULES
Many museum sculptures NUDES
Memo directive ASAP
Moat without the water DITCH
Neatnik’s opposite SLOB
Clues Answers
New England fish COD
Old sayings ADAGES
On the ball ALERT
Once owned HAD
Part played ROLE
Past adolescence ADULT
Peg’s place in a card game CRIBBAGEBOARD
Pennsylvania Dutch group AMISH
Poetic tributes ODES
Puts on the market SELLS
Quiche ingredients EGGS
Really impresses AWES
Resides DWELLS
Rocky Mountain grazers ELKS
School break RECESS
Scottish singing star Susan BOYLE
Signs, as a document INKS
Skier’s transport TBAR
Smooth-talking GLIB
Soft cracker spread BRIE
Some calendar squares DAYS
Sound of thunder CLAP
Source of 1 Across HEN
Spying activities, for short OPS
Street cred REP
Strong longings YENS
Swindle CON
Thorny flowers ROSES
Up the creek INAPICKLE
Up until now YET
Verbalize SAY
Very long time AGES
Very long time EONS
Veterans Day event PARADE
Voicemail sounds BEEPS
Was conspicuous STOODOUT
Worded concisely TERSE
Writer Zola EMILE
Yuletide beverage NOG

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