– Mar 3 2018

Clues Answers
__ soap HAND
”Confidante” AMIE
”Freedom from” feeling EASE
”I [heart] INSURANCE” button wearer FLO
”Violino __” BASSO
Added ornamentation to LARDED
Animation SPIRIT
Animation SPIRIT
Antonym of ”skipper” ATTENDEE
Apple purchase of 2010 SIRI
At hand HERE
Baby with big eyes OWLET
Band leader ONEMAN
Black waterfowl COOT
Botanical berry TOMATO
Bus fares RIDERS
Call up EVOKE
Center of power SEAT
Chuck E. Cheese’s, in part PIZZERIA
College exam that includes Integrated Reasoning GMAT
Colorado’s North and South Table Mountains MESAS
Cost ARE
Culminate CAP OFF
Displayed disfavor BOOED
English analog of the Nordic nickname Ditte EDIE
Exclamation of frustration GRR
Exclamen de entusiasmo OLE
FBI agent in ”Tower Heist” TEA LEONI
Fully level RAZE
Gets over CLEARS
Go slow, in a way OOZE
Group-activity ending FEST
Hardly thrill-filled TAME
Highlanders and Cherokees SUVS
Hotel Maitai Polynesia locale BORA BORA
Kindling material? EBOOK
Knoxville-based agcy. TVA
Land south of Athens CRETE
List of talking points AGENDA
Look at very closely PARSE
Maestro ACE
Mid-Atlantic state symbol ORIOLE
Most tailor’s chalk TALC
Name on Bourbon Pecan Pie pints BEN
Nickname of the president born the same day as Darwin ABE
Not quite coming to ALMOST
Numerous sitcom characters STEPDADS
Nursery rhyme start BAABAA
Online navigation aids ICONS
Opinion introducer AS I SEE IT
Pal preceder GAL
Penetrating nature EDGE
Prefix for calling AREA CODE
Procrastinator’s justification ITS NEVER TOO LATE
Product produced from peat TAR
Raccoon cousin RED PANDA
Saw ”. . . Kimmy Schmidt” STREAMED
Scrap heap, perhaps METALS
Seashell used for leis COWRIE
She beat Evert for her first pro win SELES
Sidekicks, from the Spanish COMRADES
Sight from many a pass ALP
Some DVD set starters SEASON PREMIERES
Sound of thinking SANE
Sushi bar stock TUNAS
Take a wrong way USURP
They play title role in ”Carmen” MEZZOS
What an orchestra tunes to OBOE
What’s up with some weddings TENT
Where Dell Computer got started DORM

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