– Mar 30 2018

Clues Answers
”A good walk spoiled,” per Twain GOLF
”Fútbol” chant OLEOLE
”Isn’t that nice!” OOH
10-gallon container KEG
Amphitheater shape OVAL
Anthem contraction OER
Astronomer’s measures EONS
At maximum speed FULLBORE
Author/mathematician/deacon CARROLL
Avoid repeating a mistake LEARNONESLESSON
Becomes definite GELS
Being risked ONTHELINE
Bio 101 studies AMOEBAE
Bks. with millions of quotations OED
Break for travel, perhaps OFFDAY
Brief brawl SETTO
Brit lit coming-of-age heroine EYRE
Cindy Lou __ (Grinch catcher) WHO
Coast Guard rank YEOMAN
Colorless CHALKY
Contribution of ideas INPUT
Court appointee after Elena NEIL
Crammed DENSE
Dow Jones media partner CNBC
Drop in pronunciation ELIDE
Exclusively ALL
Feature of the Martian atmosphere LOWOXYGENLEVEL
First named NEE
Formal rejection VETO
Frequent 32 Down subject NYSE
Fuss ADO
Goes along OBEYS
High-pH solutions LYES
How some matches 63 Across TKO
Imitating ALA
In disuse OBSOLETE
Island on the Indian Plate SRILANKA
Clues Answers
It’s not so UNTRUTH
JHS course SCI
Less than happy IRKED
Line of cleaners LYSOL
Lottery descriptor STATERUN
Managed GOTBY
Med. show settings ORS
Microsoft entertainment system XBOX
Mongoose cousins HYENAS
No longer under wraps SEEN
Noah Webster alma mater YALE
One way to get home safely SLIDEIN
Penalty for nonpayment LATEFEE
Piece of pottery VASE
Put differently REWORD
Puts a name to IDS
Race support staff PITCREW
Render inaudible GARBLE
Shine unsteadily BLINK
Soar beyond OVERFLY
Southern reservoir mgr TVA
Starter like ceno- NEO
Strikes (out) XES
Suit material SERGE
Tie together ENLACE
Tip of a shoe TOE
Tips of quills NIBS
TiVo ancestor VCR
Uncertain possibilities IFS
Venerable insurance market LLOYDSOFLONDON
Where the Pacers play NBA
Wind up END GOV
Your basic makeup DNA
__ Faire (jousting venue) REN

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