– Mar 30 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”That’s amazing!” GEE
”Thyme” or ”basil” NOUN
”We __ to please” AIM
”__ Miz” LES
Army truant: Abbr AWOL
Assist in a crime ABET
Author of ”Goosebumps” books STINE
Back-of-book listing INDEX
Bard of __ (Shakespeare) AVON
Beasts in a sty SWINE
Boats like Noah’s ARKS
Bovine greeting MOO
Cable service devices DVRS
Camel’s South American cousin LLAMA
Clear-headed SANE
Clock radio feature ALARM
Clock radio features SNOOZEBUTTONS
Coffee alternative TEA
Coop females HENS
Corn Belt state IOWA
Declare untrue DENY
Done laps in a pool SWUM
Dozen at a trial JURY
Family room DEN
Far from shore ATSEA
Fictional Sawyer TOM
Finishes up ENDS
Frightening SCARY
Georgia city MACON
Get __ (exact revenge) EVEN
Halifax, __ Scotia NOVA
Hard-to-please actress DIVA
Harper who wrote ”. . . Mockingbird” LEE
Head, in France TETE
HP laptops PCS
Junk email SPAM
Lauder of lipstick ESTEE
Like to do ENJOY
London lockup GAOL
Major blood vessel AORTA
Meditative Buddhist sect ZEN
Modify, as a manuscript EDIT
Move higher RISE
No longer in town GONE
Nonfunctioning firecracker DUD
Officeholders, for short POLS
Paper holders for LPs RECORDSLEEVES
Percussion instrument DRUM
Ration (out) METE
Rebuke from Caesar ETTU
Run off to wed ELOPE
Short memos NOTES
Software customer USER
Sphere served with spaghetti MEATBALL
Stick around REMAIN
Stormy weather systems LOWS
Table game at a bar POCKETBILLIARDS
Taken an oath SWORN
Tennis star Rafael NADAL
The Milky Way, for example GALAXY
Throat-clearing sound AHEM
Thyme or basil HERB
Town square PLAZA
Traditional bouquet tosser THEBRIDE
Untidy MESSY
Verbalize SAY
Very low number ZERO
Wall St. debuts IPOS
Watson of Potter films EMMA
Weep audibly SOB
Where some sophs sleep DORM
Winery tubs VATS
Yearn for COVET
Young fellow BOY
Young Spanish woman: Abbr SRTA

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