– Mar 31 2018

Clues Answers
”Food, __” (agribusiness documentary) INC
2017 appointee as CIA Director POMPEO
Agua que fluye RIO
Annual ”Heroes” tribute airer CNN
Arctic climatologist’s measure ICEMELT
Associate COHORT
Captivated (by) SWEPTUP
Carnival ride OCEANLINER
Chainsaw sound RRR
Condemns DECRIES
County adjoining Mayo SLIGO
Crazy Eights variant UNO
De bonne humeur GAI
Designer with feathers PLUMASSIER
Disneyland yellow meetable character POOH
Eclipse TOP
Either Cinématographe inventor LUMIERE
Eleanor Roosevelt’s childhood nickname NELL
Eligibility criterion, at times AGE
Elliptical ornament, in architecture OVUM
Ersatz poster adhesive TOOTHPASTE
Evince amusement YUK
Experiment, with ”around” NOODLE
Falsetto monster of TV ELMO
Garage device GREASEGUN
Greek region including Sparta LACONIA
Green salad ingredient KIWIFRUIT
Group supporting Smokey Bear FORESTERS
Its website has an automated Skin Advisor OLAY
Japanese green liqueur MIDORI
Latin American capital PESO
London’s Wimbledon Pk. or Waterloo STA
Lose fervor for TIREOF
Mag once awarding Independent Press Awards UTNE
Mediator’s challenge IMPASSE
Clues Answers
Mont-__-Anne (Canadian resort) STE
Much past unpalatable DISGUSTING
Number in brackets TAXRATE
Nuns permitted out of the cloister EXTERNS
Offer long, flowery descriptions WAXPOETIC
Old recorder of beastly behavior AESOP
Onetime communications giant ITT
Othello assistant CASSIO
Painter’s canvas TARP
Plays, as an autoharp STRUMS
Plot with a legend GRAPH
Prepare to pour from, perhaps UNCAP
Ration in packets: Abbr MRE
Renoir, to Degas AMI
Requites AVENGES
Retreat DEN
Sari cousin TOGA
Sch. yearbook section ORGS
Screenplay’s starting point PREMISE
Seat whose sitters sit back-to-back DOSADOS
Shake on it, say COMMIT
Some 26 Across, for short DETS
Source of ancient spun fibers HEMP
Spa procedure PEEL
Squeeze (from) EXTORT
Take in SEE
Takes a hike HOOFSIT
Tennis center? SWEETSPOT
Training vehicle SEMINAR
Typical protractor SEMICIRCLE
Unstoppable OMNIPOTENT
Urban officers SARGES
What Mexicans call the US ELNORTE
Whence many red-eyes depart, for short CALI

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