– Mar 4 2018

Clues Answers
”One more thing . . .” ALSO
”The Wolf of Wall Street” director SCORSESE
”Welcome to Maui!” ALOHA
”Would __ to you?” ILIE
”X-Files” agent DANA
”Yikes!” OHGOSH
A symbol of Massachusetts ELMTREE
Accepted principle AXIOM
Action film scene CHASE
After-dinner drink COGNAC
Allergy season sound ACHOO
Alphabetical quartet LMNO
Altar pronouncement IDO
Ancient Peruvian INCA
Any of four English art galleries TATE
Ardent allegiance DEVOTION
As a result HENCE
At a distance AFAR
Athenian landmark PARTHENON
Azalea anchors ROOTS
Balkan capital SOFIA
Be infallible DONOWRONG
Be likely (to) TEND
Be selected GETTHENOD
Be worthy of EARN
Bout ender TKO
Brewpub product AMBERALE
Briny expanse OCEAN
British coins PENCE
Brontë protagonist EYRE
Brown shades TANS
Buzzers around blossoms BEES
Cartoon genre ANIME
Channel for football fans ESPN
Close associates PALS
Cocktail garnishes RINDS
Corporate VIP EXEC
Cut, as for firewood SAWUP
Digital currency BITCOIN
Dinghy tools OARS
Door-slamming sound BANG
Drainage system SEWER
Emulating ALA
Enliven, with ”up” PERK
Equestrian sport POLO
Facebook post label TAG
Family nickname NANA
Family nickname SIS
Field hand LABORER
Fit for consumption EDIBLE
Former rival of Volvo SAAB
Freeload MOOCH
Frightful SCARY
Gallic girlfriend AMIE
Gloomy DOUR
Great Barrier Reef swimmers EELS
Haley at the UN NIKKI
Hang after washing AIRDRY
Hardest substance in the human body TOOTHENAMEL
Harvest, as wool SHEAR
Hidden theme of the puzzle NOWANDTHEN
Highly prudent WISEASANOWL
Holstein’s comment MOO
Hydroelectric facility DAM
Important Prado artist GOYA
Innocent one BABE
Instrument’s springy string PIANOWIRE
Intentions ENDS
Invitation to taste HAVESOME
It means ”equal” ISO
Join a chorus SING
Kitchen gadget PARER
Clues Answers
Knitted wrap SHAWL
Laudatory verses ODES
Lend __ (listen) ANEAR
Lettuce, under some entrées BED
Level of authority RANK
Long-established OLD
Look mopey POUT
Lots of, informally MUCHO
Maritime spy org ONI
Medical insurance grps HMOS
Mimicked APED
More irate MADDER
Most elevated point ACME
Nametag greeting HELLO
Nature photographer Adams ANSEL
No longer talking STILLED
Notable time ERA
Numero __ UNO
Oklahoma city ENID
Onetime MGM rival RKO
Out in front AHEAD
Overemotional episode RANT
Paper adhesive PASTE
Persian Gulf land IRAN
Persuade, with ”over” WIN
Pest in a swarm GNAT
Pool paths LANES
Pop singer King CAROLE
Porky Pig and Popeye TOONS
Possible school-closing weather SNOWSTORM
Prima donna performance ARIA
Protagonist HERO
Pulverized grain MEAL
Read digitally SCAN
Red-ink figure LOSS
Rescue-squad initials EMT
Roof-panel descriptor SOLAR
S&L nest egg IRA
School-support orgs PTAS
Scold, with ”out” CHEW
Sculpted piece BUST
Second-rate LESSER
Send back, as into custody REMAND
Serious-minded STAID
Shaq of hoops fame ONEAL
Sheepskin recipient GRAD
Ship of 1492 NINA
Shopping aid LIST
Short snooze NAP
Short snoozes SIESTAS
Small snack NOSH
Solemn assent AMEN
Spiders’ creations WEBS
Spring zodiac sign ARIES
Stage platform RISER
Staircase post NEWEL
Straddling ASTRIDE
Struck a chord HITHOME
Sty guy BOAR
Succotash bean LIMA
That lady SHE
Tiny hill builder ANT
Trick-or-treater’s tote PAIL
Twain’s hometown HANNIBAL
Twists and squeezes WRINGS
Typical ”Hamlet” character DANE
Unexpected success SLEEPER
Very small WEE
Want no part of LOATHE
Whimpers MEWLS
Without exception ALL
__-pah band OOM

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