Crossword Puzzle Info – Mar 5 2018

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Clues Answers
”Let’s call __ evening” ITAN
Alan of ”M*A*S*H” ALDA
Audibly ALOUD
Bell-shaped flower LILY
Blueprint detail, for short SPEC
Branched holder of light bulbs CANDELABRA
Breads with pockets PITAS
Breakfast melon CANTALOUPE
Briny body of water SEA
Bundle of hay BALE
Clumsy one’s remark OOPS
Cob of corn EAR
Computer image that’s clicked ICON
Contented cat’s sound PURR
Cook’s protective garment APRON
Coupes and sedans CARS
Creative thought IDEA
Deceptive plan RUSE
Door-securing device LOCK
Dough-rising ingredient YEAST
Elaborate party GALA
Enthusiastic ARDENT
Evaluated RATED
Extremely important VITAL
Fan club favorite IDOL
Fishing-rod attachments REELS
Forget-me-__ (flowers) NOTS
Formal ”Me neither” NORI
Fortune-teller SEER
Frog relative TOAD
Hawaiian feast LUAU
Hershey or Cadbury CANDYMAKER
Hit, as with hailstones PELT
Is durable LASTS
Leans slightly TILTS
Light brown TAN
Like a lot ADORE
Make into law ENACT
Clues Answers
Missile fired from a mounted gun CANNONBALL
Nosy person SNOOP
Not as much LESS
Of farm life RURAL
One of Columbus’ ships NINA
Otherwise ELSE
Parking-lot attendant VALET
Place stress on ACCENT
Posh residence ESTATE
Property owner’s document DEED
Recipe amount: Abbr TBSP
Red vegetable BEET
Region AREA
Runway surface TARMAC
Serves dinner to FEEDS
Shorthand user, for short STENO
Signal again, as an actor RECUE
Slangy suffix for switch EROO
Slow faucet leak DRIP
Solitary ones LONERS
Songs for one person SOLOS
Speed contest RACE
Spooky EERIE
Sticks around STAYS
Surprise police action RAID
Tailor’s pointy tool NEEDLE
Take potshots (at) SNIPE
Thrilled ELATED
Tightly stretched TAUT
Tracks down TRACES
Treaty PACT
Two-purpose DUAL
Typical Saudi ARAB
Wear a grin SMILE
Western alliance: Abbr NATO
Worker’s end-of-week shout TGIF
__ vera (skin-cream ingredient) ALOE
__-Cone (summer treat) SNO
__-or-false test TRUE