– Mar 8 2018

Clues Answers
”In other words,” in full IDEST
46 Across homonym TEA
Alternative nickname to Xander ALEX
Ballot marks, perhaps EXES
Barracks, for instance MILITARYHOUSING
Barrels of laughs RIOTS
Biennial games org USOC
Brandy flavoring PLUM
Budding-flower protectors SEPALS
Camped in the woods Roughedit
Casino call HITME
Cereal crop RYE
Certain new spouse BRIDE
Closet contents, perhaps LINEN
Collectively INALL
Comeback of a sort ECHO
Comics bark ARF
Complain without words MOAN
Cooks just a bit SEARS
Cooperative group BLOC
County near London ESSEX
Dawn goddess EOS
DC suburb MCLEAN
Do really great EXCEL
Dragon or phoenix MYTHICALBEING
Enthusiastic AVID
Freeway lane designation HOV
Gallic girlfriend AMIE
Gather for a while AMASS
Gets on stage ENTERS
Gettysburg general MEADE
Give up formally CEDE
Good tug YANK
Harmful spells HEXES
Hatch a plot SCHEME
Headquartered BASED
Illusionary abstractions OPART
Impair HARM
Clues Answers
Ingrained by habit USUAL
It expelled James Bond ETON
It’s essential to snapping THUMB
Itinerary portion LEG
Keep attentive RIVET
List shortener ETAL
Long-running morning TV host RIPA
Longtime NASCAR sponsor STP
Mane, essentially HAIR
McKellen of movies IAN
Merchant’s workplace SHOP
More noble career pursuit HIGHERCALLING
Peg for driving TEE
Podiatrist concerns ARCHES
Porpoise cousins ORCAS
Prayer finale AMEN
Retro communicator FLIPPHONE
Scratch or dent MAR
Smog component OZONE
Snap course EASYA
Some limbs ARMS
Something in the air ODOR
Sort of hat DERBY
Sound of a minor explosion ACHOO
Sound of a minor explosion SNEEZE
Stare at EYE
Stared at OGLED
Starter for drive storage TERA
Subject to strain TAX
Supply for a press INKS
Symbol of sagacity OWL
Talk-show host Meyers SETH
Tom’s complaints MEOWS
Uncool one NERD
Vega’s constellation LYRA
What followed the franc EURO
What Wash. is west of IDA
Where the elated walk ONAIR
Wintry, in brand names SNO

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