– Mar 9 2018

Clues Answers
”Bus Stop” playwright INGE
”Go this way” sign ARROW
”It’s for the best, __ see” YOULL
”The Tempest” spirit ARIEL
’70s Israeli foreign minister EBAN
33 Down worker ELF
Advances toward NEARS
Alphabetic trio RST
Ancestry chart EERTYLIMAF
Andes pack animal LLAMA
Bake-off fixtures OVENS
Bit of dust MOTE
Casual shoes FLATS
Chanel of fashion COCO
Change-a-letter pencil puzzle REDDALDROW
Charlemagne domain: Abbr HRE
Copy-room package REAM
Country estate MANOR
Crumbly white cheese FETA
Dash’s cousin HYPHEN
Decides on, with ”for” OPTS
Director Welles ORSON
Do what’s asked OBEY
Draw back in fright CRINGE
Feel off AIL
Flightless Argentine bird RHEA
Frat letter KAPPA
Galway’s land EIRE
Girder, essentially STEEL
Gourmet mushroom MOREL
Grazing ground LEA
Highly emotional, perhaps TEARY
Hold spellbound ENTHRALL
Hurly-burly TODO
Infield cover TARP
Internet commerce ETAIL
Intertwine KNIT
Inventor’s spark IDEA
Clues Answers
King David’s predecessor SAUL
Landlocked Asian country NEPAL
Legendary toy-factory site ELOPHTRON
Long (for) ACHE
Low cart without sides DRAY
Major olive-oil producer ITALY
Make over REDO
Moral center of the Simpsons LISA
Nobel physicist Wolfgang PAULI
Number on Bordeaux bottles YEAR
Objectives AIMS
Overdue LATE
Pacific storms TYPHOONS
Place for a pedicure SALON
Plan on it INTENDTO
Pot pie vegetable CARROT
Protective covering COAT
Pulled apart TORE
Rating system SCALE
River at Stratford AVON
River originating in the Swiss Alps RHINE
Secluded retreat LAIR
Shade of purple LAVENDER
Sheet of a story PAGE
Small scratchers CATS
Sounding congested NASAL
State with certainty AVER
Stewart’s ”Daily Show” successor NOAH
Summer in Montreal ETE
Supplies for sandwiches RYES
Tim McGraw’s singing spouse LLIHHTIAF
To any extent ATALL
Tolled RUNG
Tops in quality AONE
Track event MEET
Typical habitual texter TEEN
Weather forecast SNOW
Wheel cover FENDER
Work for EARN

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