Crossword Puzzle Info – March 16 2019

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Clues Answers
”Yo!” SUP
”__ Bund” (Bern daily) DER
11 Down, notably ROCKER
Action-packed SLAMBANG
Adjusting one’s position constantly ANTSY
Andrei’s assent DADA
Armed figure on Arizona quarters SAGUARO
Army Women’s Museum’s VA home FTLEE
As in C LALA
Asian creole tongue that sounds rather unique SINGLISH
Bags in turndown service DUVETS
Baker’s collection OVENWARE
Bass in Berlioz’s ”Les Troyens” PRIAM
Bavarian fleet AUDIS
Bayard who organized the March on Washington RUSTIN
Before translation AVANT
Bird named for an apostle PETREL
Brined-curd product FETA
Brit who was Tesla in ”The Prestige” BOWIE
Campaign circle SIEGE
Canadiens, Cavaliers and Cowboys MEN
Celebrated STORIED
Common airport announcement LOSTITEM
Company alert IMHERE
Cornwall neighbor DEVON
Cousins of mandos UKES
Cross from a boxer MUTT
Cuing technique MASSE
Currently ASITIS
Do fixing PERM
Drama since the 1300s NOH
Drop spectacularly CRATER
Durability metaphor TANK
Enthusiasts, unflatteringly NERDS
Fake to the left PSEUDO
February : Daytona :: May : __ INDY
Folk-remedy staple ECHINACEA
Frequent Gothic novel setting MANOR
Haitian company AMIS
It might follow a long drive EAGLE
It’s happening now LIVETV
Largest zoological order (300,000+ species) BEETLES
Laundry liquid with a stuffed-bear mascot SNUGGLE
Like Greenlanders SPARSE
London fog descriptor GREY
Many cave formations CRYSTALS
Member of an oral octet BICUSPID
Mineral that a fingernail can scratch TALC
Mug warmer MASK
One at a lot of parties TAILGATER
Overflowing AMPLE
Piece of high fashion? GSUIT
Plays for laughs SKITS
Pop smash HIT
Pop __ DIVA
Port pictured at the start of ”Casablanca” ORAN
Quits jiggling SETS
Recreated APED
Reds coach SOMMELIER
Release concurrent with Windows 95 MSN
Solving aids LEADS
Stick for blowing up GUM
Stirred the drink, say OARED
Stops being self-supporting TIPSOVER
Teacher of Asian nuns LAMA
They may scrutinize shelters IRSAUDITS
Titular Morrison nonconformist SULA
Unlikable principal ANTIHERO
Weaves at a fast pace SLALOMS
What a home alarm might signal GASLEAK
What Newman-Os mimic OREOS
Where many see The Doctor BBC