Crossword Puzzle Info – March 19 2019

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Clues Answers
”Have a taste” TRYIT
”Toy Story” studio PIXAR
”__ a vacation!” INEED
10 Down’s employer NAVY
After-dinner candy MINT
Aides: Abbr ASSTS
Autumn FALL
Baseball hats CAPS
Big __ (California region) SUR
Black bird RAVEN
Buckeye State coll OSU
Cancel a project ENDIT
Center of a wheel HUB
Central part MIDST
Change the decor of REDO
Chowder morsel CLAM
Cider fruit APPLE
Coffee alternative TEA
CPR expert EMT
Creme-filled cookie OREO
Cube in Monopoly DIE
Does whatever it takes STOPSATNOTHING
Egg-shaped OVAL
Energetic PEPPY
Feeling offended HURT
Flap above a windshield VISOR
Flash of inspiration IDEA
From here __ (henceforth) ONIN
Gloom and __ (dire prediction) DOOM
Golfer’s transport CART
Gushes SPEWS
Guys MEN
Highly skilled ADEPT
Internet purchase method PAYPAL
Irrigate WATER
Karate move CHOP
Largest of the Three Bears PAPA
Like __ of bricks ATON
Local sandwich shop DELI
Long-gone bird DODO
Loud noise DIN
Martini garnish OLIVE
Mice, to owls PREY
Misfortune WOE
More secure SAFER
Muscle soreness ACHE
Mystical glow AURA
Neck-warming wear SCARF
Nickel or dime COIN
On a need-to-know __ BASIS
Perfect world UTOPIA
Perplexed INAFOG
Peruse READ
Poetic tributes ODES
Prefix meaning ”modern” NEO
Prolonged attack SIEGE
Right-angle shapes ELLS
Sailor’s ”yes” AYE
Small glass bottles VIALS
Sparrow’s home NEST
Strike out on one’s own GOSOLO
Take a vow SWEAR
Top fleet officers ADMIRALS
Toys on strings YOYOS
Traditional Arctic home IGLOO
U-turn from NNW SSE
Vein of ore LODE
Ventilate AIR
Wear away ERODE
Wed on the run ELOPE
Wet-weather apparel RAINCOAT
Women’s links org LPGA
Workout centers GYMS
Worries FRETS
Yes, in Paris OUI
__ Kong (Chinese port) HONG