Crossword Puzzle Info – March 21 2019

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Clues Answers
”Grapes of Wrath” characters MIGRANTS
Act volcanic RAGE
Activity using tanks SCUBA
Actor McKellen IAN
Antagonist ENEMY
Asian cuisine THAI
Aspirin alternative IBUPROFEN
Bumped bet RAISE
Common sense, for instance ASSET
Cooled with cubes ICED
Cordoned (off) ROPED
Day one ONSET
Disco-era hairstyle AFRO
Do serious damage to MAIM
Dorm supervisors: Abbr RAS
Eastern European SLAV
Emphatic denial NONO
Emulated a pendulum ARCED
Examining briefly LOOKINGOVER
Exclamation of frustration RATS
Expressed, as a farewell BADE
Flatbread of India NAAN
Flexible rulers TAPES
Foamy beverage BEER
Found fault with RAPPED
Fried rice morsel EGG
Grow faint gradually FADE
Hinge (on) RELY
Improvised MADEDO
Insurance giant on the NYSE AIG
King David Club carrier ELAL
Leave slack-jawed ASTOUND
Leaving one’s seat STANDINGUP
Likewise not NOR
Linseed oil source FLAX
Lloyd Webber score CATS
Lord’s Prayer possessive THY
Low-lying land VALE
Make crisper, as compositions EDIT
Mall hall stall KIOSK
Maximum: Abbr ULT
Move sideways EDGE
Music occupational ending IST
Neighbor of Vietnam LAOS
Nitpick CARP
Not noticing Overlooking
Not unreasonable FAIR
One working out EXERCISER
Palm tree berry ACAI
Phone button STAR
Poor treatment ABUSE
Preparation instruction RECIPE
Proof of ownership DEED
Rapport SYNC
Respectable UPSTANDING
Roth plan IRA
Significant stretch ERA
Single-minded expert NERD
Slacks specification REGULAR
Sonata closing CODA
Sound reasoning LOGIC
Sour-tasting ACID
Stockpile STORE
Strong impulse URGE
Stylish again RETRO
Surfer’s concern TIDE
Symbol of strength FIST
Takes exception to PROTESTS
They may be twisty in dramas PLOTS
Timber wolf LOBO
Track unit LAP
Trivial fusses ADOS
Twisty, as some 39 Across IRONIC
UK reference set OED
Wax-coated cheese EDAM
Weaver of seats CANER
__ nerve (”funny bone” part) ULNAR