Crossword Puzzle Info – March 22 2019

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Clues Answers
”Is that clear?” SEEIT
”Messenger” molecule RNA
”Please explain again” IMLOST
A big fan of INTO
Amazon speaker voice ALEXA
APB stats HGTS
Apt rhyme for ”restrain” REIN
Au Bon Pain rival PANERA
Basic sort of question YESNO
Became a paid player WENTPRO
Blurt out UTTER
Clinic nickname DOC
Condo selling point VIEW
Cylindrical stick letters TNT
Disneyland wear EARS
Dorm descriptor COED
Easy NBA score TIPIN
Email notification SENT
Expanse north of Akron ERIE
Fast feathered runner EMU
Finch family creator LEE
First named NEE
French roast ROTI
Funny feeling HUNCH
Game show job ANNOUNCER
Gravity, for example FORCE
How some get their latte ICED
Hydrant, essentially FAUCET
Idiosyncratic articulation ACCENT
In progress AFOOT
Incorporate ANNEX
iPod button MENU
It means ”wine” OENO
Large moon of Jupiter EUROPA
Long lunch HERO
Major FL airport MIA
Make merry ELATE
Many recent IPOs DOTCOMS
Melodic sound NOTE
Miscellaneous VARIED
Morgan le __ (Arthurian character) FAY
Morning PBS viewer TOT
Much hotel laundry LINEN
Multifaceted valuables GEMS
Nautical direction AFT
New Age keyboardist YANNI
Nickname of multiple boxing greats SUGARRAY
Nina of fashion RICCI
Oklahoma city ENID
Oldest Cabinet department STATE
Parcel measure ACRE
Petroleum product ending ENE
Photoshop source ADOBE
Picture-taking device FRAME
Precincts AREAS
Prefix like pari- ISO
Prom committee decision THEME
Recycling bin throw-in CAN
Regions’ virtual boundaries GEOFENCES
Schedule niche SLOT
Sci-fi abductor UFO
Sock part HEEL
Start of a Hamlet ”soliloque” ETRE
Team not far from JFK METS
Teen’s wall poster figure IDOL
Way off the road EXITLANE
What some get in their latte MOCHA
Wind turbine part ROTOR
Word on euros near harps EIRE
Zhivago’s love LARA