Crossword Puzzle Info – March 30 2019

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Clues Answers
”Traditional” plan IRA
”Why not?”, these days YOLO
Apple cutting aid EDITMENU
Ball part RICARDO
Beverage with Mango and Raspberri flavors ABSOLUT
Cable-box connection INPUT
Camouflage expert in trees or snow OWL
Christmas tree of song PEAR
Colorado carving CANYON
Common frame design OVAL
Crushing it ONAROLL
Current owner of MGM’s first studios SONY
Demographic descriptor RACIAL
Depot datum ETA
Dresses down, slangily STRAFES
Emergencies PINCHES
Every-other-year event BIENNALE
Goal of recon INFO
Greek for ”brothers” ADELPHI
Hailing from OUTOF
Having as a surface ATOP
Hindu/Buddhist concept NIRVANA
Home to the Smland play area IKEA
Indeed, old-style AYE
Indo-__ (language group including Kurdish) IRANIAN
It has a blue 8-bar logo IBM
Its website has slicing-help videos PGA
Jam ingredient from India RAGA
Joshua __ Cowen (model train mogul) LIONEL
Juvenile rejoinder ARESO
Laugh line JAPE
Less established RARER
Letters associated with Brigham Young SLC
Literally, ”nose-horned” RHINOCEROS
Long division for civil engineers LANE
Lose power TIRE
Makes off with NIPS
Mint family member SAGE
Mission away from home EMBASSY
Mobile family PDAS
Muscle __ INON
Name of two 1990s Best Actress Oscar winners JESSICA
Natural order of the universe TAO
Never lived to be minimized ISNT
Not open SLY
Old school setting ONEROOM
One of Spider-Man’s six SENSE
Part of the AFL merger NYJETS
Pass receivers at bowl games VIPS
Peace Prize winner right after MLK UNICEF
Perches on the edge AISLESEATS
Plain, say TERRAIN
Props in Newton’s color studies PRISMS
Protection for peepers AERIE
Ready a bow TAKEAIM
Retreats DENS
Service announcements ADS
Set decorator’s proud display EMMYS
Show in a small studio RECITAL
Small-screen programs IPHONEAPPS
Source of some fruity pops CHEWINGGUM
Southeast Asian people HMONG
Spinning thing PRFIRM
Structure with melanin IRIS
Take-home benefit COMPANYCAR
Title character for Schiller and Shaw JOANOFARC
Western city that sounds slippery ELY
What is wrong with people? ILLS
__ stand CAB