Crossword Puzzle Info – May 1 2018

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Clues Answers
”That’s clear to me” ISEE
Agricultural ground SOIL
Angelic circle HALO
Animals with antlers ELKS
Any day now SOON
Car for hire TAXI
Carryall bag TOTE
Coins in Havana CUBANPESOS
Corned beef concoction HASH
Definite article THE
Destinies FATES
Ease off ABATE
Expert musicians VIRTUOSOS
Fill-in worker, for short TEMP
Film headliner STAR
Football shirts JERSEYS
Footnote abbr ETAL
Fork prong TINE
Freeway entrances RAMPS
Futuristic story category, for short SCIFI
Give a speech ORATE
Give approval ASSENT
Give off EMIT
Golf pegs TEES
Green gemstone JADE
Grocery walkways AISLES
Hard work TOIL
Hebrew greeting SHALOM
High-five, for instance SLAP
In addition ALSO
Informal conversation CHAT
Informed about UPON
Island near Maui OAHU
Italy’s capital, to Italians ROMA
Kindergarten basics ABCS
Land measure ACRE
Layer of paint COAT
Lemon’s skin RIND
Light-colored beer LAGER
Clues Answers
Line pressed by an iron CREASE
Long-haired dogs from Tibet LHASAAPSOS
Make repairs to FIX
Mediocre SOSO
Mirror’s reflection IMAGE
More uncommon RARER
Neck of the woods AREA
Norway’s capital OSLO
Not as much LESS
Not moving INERT
Not quite right AMISS
Oohs and __ AAHS
Pick-me-up beverage TONIC
Place to pitch a tent CAMP
Poet Dickinson EMILY
Presidential rejection VETO
Promissory note IOU
Rabbit relative HARE
Right-angle shape ELL
Rooks on a chessboard CASTLES
Saucers in 9 Across novels UFOS
Secret meeting TRYST
Serious criminal FELON
Shouts of disapproval BOOS
Small bills ONES
Small __ warning (weather advisory) CRAFT
Somewhat cold outside CHILLY
Stand up ARISE
Strong coffees ESPRESSOS
Suffix for luncheon ETTE
Swine’s sound OINK
T-Rexes, familiarly DINOS
Tea sweetener SUGAR
Truthful HONEST
Use as a chair SITON
Variety of rummy GIN
When planes should leave: Abbr ETDS
__ being (person) HUMAN
__ Highness (title for a princess) HER