Crossword Puzzle Info – May 1 2019

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Clues Answers
”Enough!” STOPIT
”Good heavens!” OHGOD
Activates, as an alarm ARMS
Actor Rob LOWE
Alternative to Reeboks NIKES
Appears to be SEEMS
April marathon city BOSTON
Became colorless PALED
Begins to bloom BUDS
Big family CLAN
Bikini parts BRAS
Bout ender, for short TKO
Branch of Buddhism ZEN
Charles’ princedom WALES
Checklist line ITEM
Commandments pronoun THOU
Court oath affirmation IDO
Craigslist postings ADS
Cruel person OGRE
Double-curve shapes ESSES
End of Jack Horner’s boast AMI
English horn’s relative OBOE
Euro fraction CENT
Eye’s colored area IRIS
Female pigs SOWS
Fictional Karenina ANNA
Finishes ENDS
Flightless Aussie bird EMU
Florida Keys, for instance ISLES
Genie’s gift WISH
Gets angry SEESRED
Gown fabric SATIN
Gulf War missile SCUD
Guy playing the infield BASEMAN
Have a feeling SENSE
Have to have NEED
Holey kitchen utensil SIEVE
India’s continent ASIA
Infamous Roman emperor NERO
Influential group ELITE
Jazz singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Ladder rung STEP
Let up, as a storm ABATE
Light browns TANS
Live a full life TAKETHEFASTLANE
Look steadily GAZE
Make ecstatic ELATE
Many craft brews ALES
Meir of Israel GOLDA
Melancholy music BLUES
Memo routing abbr ATTN
Nuts-and-__ (practical) BOLTS
Okra portions PODS
On the way to futility DOWNABLINDALLEY
Partridge’s carol tree PEAR
Place for yard tools SHED
Poker pot starter ANTE
Postal delivery MAIL
President Rutherford B HAYES
Robot or chain saw MACHINE
Sand hill DUNE
Sci-fi beings ALIENS
Scuba diver’s footwear FIN
Send forth EMIT
Sign of the future OMEN
Suffix for close or cool NESS
Sweatshirt part SLEEVE
Takes to court SUES
Target rival KMART
Top-billed performer STAR
Uncluttered NEAT
Waist surrounder BELT
Watchband STRAP
Word of regret ALAS
Young sheep LAMB
Zero, in soccer NIL