Crossword Puzzle Info – May 10 2018

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Clues Answers
”Didn’t expect to see you!” OHHI
”Flat-out fun” tablet IPAD
”__ the picture” IGET
200-tile game SUPERSCRABBLE
Alternative to 39 Across VEGANSCRAMBLE
Anthem contraction OER
Be a mentor TEACH
Big brute OGRE
Blood-bank measure UNIT
Burdened Titan ATLAS
Carpet fuzz NAP
Certain Arabian OMANI
Chasmic DEEP
Cratchit’s occupation CLERK
Cross over SPAN
Densely populated URBAN
Discernment TASTE
Does something about wondering ASKS
East Lansing sch MSU
Frat letter ETA
Fuming MAD
Garage service LUBE
Gin fizz ingredient CLUBSODA
Goat’s call MAA
Graceless ones OAFS
Great effort, so to speak SWEAT
Groups driven on trails HERDS
Harden SET
Hasn’t paid OWES
Hero from Hamelin PIPER
Hymn closer AMEN
Instructive saying ADAGE
Interstellar cloud NEBULA
It borders Toledo ERIE
Keep a low profile HIDE
Lambastes RIPS
Lose composure PANIC
Lose crispness WILT

Clues Answers
Luxor’s river NILE
Lyft rival UBER
Many a venue called ”Center” ARENA
Meadow mom EWE
Michelle’s predecessor LAURA
More than a few DOZENS
Not a thing ZIP
One level below marquess EARL
One of the Hindu Trinity SHIVA
Operator of Maple Leaf Lounges AIRCANADA
Oracle SEER
Oscar Night interviewee CELEB
Palestinian leader ABBAS
Pallid ASHEN
Pay off SETTLE
Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast EGGSANDSCRAPPLE
Plow into RAM
Poolside amenities SPAS
Proscribe BAN
Purloin STEAL
Removed, at a racetrack SCRATCHED
Seasoning in Caribbean cuisine ALLSPICE
Shortening of a sort LARD
Showcase for suppliers EXPO
Slice of history ERA
Starchy side dish POI
Starchy side dish YAMS
Tote with trout, perhaps CREEL
Toy (with) FLIRT
Typical cabs SEDANS
Unique mystique AURA
Wear away ERODE
What bench presses build PECS
Winds down ENDS
Withdraw, with ”out” OPT
Writer Rand AYN
__ Chicks (country music trio) DIXIE
__ serif typeface SANS