Crossword Puzzle Info – May 10 2019

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Clues Answers
”Social contract” philosopher LOCKE
”Take that away!” EWWW
47 Across stat FAT
Benny GOODman’s nickname THEKINGOFSWING
Brisk seller HOTITEM
Cartoony ”That hurts!” OOF
Cassette tape conclusion SIDETWO
Certain hand-wipe WETONE
Charles GOODyear discovery VULCANIZATION
Clatter DIN
Condo buyer, perhaps RETIREE
Considerably FAR
Crossed (out) XED
Cuba GOODing, Jr. film line SHOWMETHEMONEY
Cutoff point LIMIT
Dartmouth graduate degree MBA
Data recovery command UNDELETE
Depict as angelic ENHALO
Disallowing NIXING
Don’t agree DIFFER
End of Chaucer’s century MCD
Exact match TWIN
Family ride SEDAN
Fine shirt fabric LINEN
First ”Jeopardy!” announcer DONPARDO
Fixed a toe, say DARNED
Foolish talk ROT, DROOL
Force (through) RAM
Goalie’s place NET
GPS reading WSW
Had too much of ODEDON
Hubbub ADO
Humbled and horizontal KOD
Inhabitant DENIZEN
Jamaican exports RUMS
Lets pass OKS
Math branch CALC
MIT summer setting EDT
Monk’s title DOM
Much-honored architect GEHRY
Natural history museum exhibit DINO
Nonmainstream, as movies INDIE
Not at all cool GEEKY
Orbital extreme APOGEE
Oust, legally DISBAR
Persian Gulf strait HORMUZ
Product obtained from seawater BAYSALT
Puccini opera TURANDOT
Radio frequency meas MHZ
Regimen DIET
Request for one’s stir-fry NOMSG
Risky situation PERIL
Royal Air Force concern DEFENCE
Schwarz of toydom FAO
Sense of tact TASTE
Shelter made of money IRA
Skyline structure ERECTION
Some tablets PCS
Somewhat less than stellar GRADEB
Source of ”avatar” and ”guru” SANSKRIT
Suddenly gone VANISHED
Takes a chill pill COOLSIT
Thrown weapon GRENADE
Ways to go PATHS
Welty of novels EUDORA
What a collar covers NAPE
What some tables are made of DATA
Worked on a watercraft CREWED
www.aspca.__ ORG
YMCA course ESL