– May 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”Life __ a dream” ISBUT
”Love __ neighbor” THY
”Me, neither” NORI
”So, without further __ . . .” ADO
”__ only as directed” USE
”__ pronounce you . . .” INOW
Activated, as an alarm ARMED
Aladdin’s magical pal GENIE
Aroma ODOR
Banquet stage DAIS
Bar bill TAB
Black eye, informally SHINER
Blurt out SAY
Border of a tabletop EDGE
Colored part of the eye IRIS
Despised HATED
Droop SAG
Emcee’s opening speech INTRO
Face hider on Halloween MASK
Fairy tale fiend OGRE
Faithful LOYAL
Family vehicle CAR
Feeling a need to scratch ITCHY
First strategy to try PLANA
Flex, as biceps BEND
Flowers and weeds PLANTS
Game with queens and knights CHESS
Glass in a monocle LENS
Having the know-how ABLE
Hawaiian feast LUAU
In an angry mood SORE
Indiana or Idaho STATE
Make a blunder ERR
Make a start BEGIN
Male mallard DRAKE
Male scoundrel CAD
Marshy ground MIRE
MasterCard rival AMEX
Minor shaving mishap NICK
Musical pace TEMPO
Not doing anything IDLE
Part of MPH PER
Pea holders PODS
Person of action DOER
Petty quarrel SPAT
Place a burden on one’s conscience SADDLEWITHGUILT
Point toward AIMAT
Presses clothing IRONS
Rail-riding vagabond HOBO
Receive a suggestion with hostility BRIDLEATTHEIDEA
Rock extracted from a mine ORE
Rose-eating insect APHID
Rude person BOOR
Sandy golf hazard TRAP
Sculpture of a body TORSO
Slight coloring TINT
Small salamanders NEWTS
Soaking wet DRENCHED
Social __ (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) MEDIA
Speak hoarsely RASP
Standing upright ERECT
Stubborn and mean ORNERY
Subtle glow AURA
Sultan’s group of wives HAREM
Teheran’s country IRAN
The present time TODAY
Thin in physique SLIM
Tiny amount IOTA
Tips of boots TOES
Uninvited visitor INTRUDER
Used to be WERE
Volcano in Sicily ETNA
When twilight begins ATDUSK
Wipe clean ERASE
__ Beta Kappa PHI
__ minister (British leader) PRIME

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