Crossword Puzzle Info – May 12 2018

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Clues Answers
”Downton Abbey” figure COUNTESS
”There was a laughing Devil in his __”: Byron SNEER
Automatic intro ROBO
Bayer brand ALEVE
Ben-Gurion University locale NEGEV
Binge-watch, e.g ODON
Brings up to code, maybe REWIRES
Chairlift supporter STEELCABLE
Chicago Blue Line terminus OHARE
Commotion POTHER
Doesn’t settle, say SUES
Eerie pictures CHILLERS
Emerged AROSE
Endless form RING
First Best Actor/Supporting Actor Oscar winner LEMMON
Follower of cast, cook, or cut OFFS
Gratification delayer EGO
Hardly hopping SLOW
Harsh conditions RIGORS
Hinders through entanglements MIRES
It gives an actor visibility SPOT
It may precede ”parmigiana” ALLA
Joyous activity done in a 22 Down HORA
Less than a lot ONOCCASION
Less willing to start fresh SORER
Leveling blocks TNT
Making it through little by little OOZINGOUT
Many sonata parts ADAGIOS
Meal for mosquitoes NECTAR
Medal of Freedom athlete ALI
Medal of Freedom athlete ASHE
Metaphor for ardency’s aftermath EMBER
Name on a ”2001 . . .” space shuttle PANAM
Clues Answers
Nation near Lake Erie SENECAS
Northern Canadian predator WHITEWOLF
One may be in a batting position PAW
One of AMONG
One working on a bed MINER
Opposite of ”epicurean” ASCETIC
Piece of body armor VEST
Port of Brittany STMALO
Products measured in barrels KEGS
Rabbit creator MILNE
Rather worn TATTY
Reaction to some good dirt GASP
Sounded like a string player? MEWED
Space-saving, in a way NESTED
Stand with tangy products CITRUSGROVE
Stealing master of the early 1900s COBB
Strong assent SUREDO
Summoned BADE
Surveying sort EYER
Symbol of Utah SEAGULL
Tangles up ENTWINES
They may accompany stir-fries CHINESETEAS
Things left after a closing bell DESKS
Top brand IZOD
Tree trunk, to botanists BOLE
Turning red over, perhaps ASHAMEDOF
What Panama is on year-round, for short EST
What some ranges are called AMANA
What some ranges are called RIDGES
What some ranges are made for GAS
Word from the Latin for ”bargain” PACT
Work through SOLVE
Worked for nothing? BROKEEVEN
Your distant cousin GREATAPE