Crossword Puzzle Info – May 14 2019

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Clues Answers
”Classes are over” signals SCHOOLBELLS
”Darn it!” OHDRAT
”Sour” hot dog topping KRAUT
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Affirmative votes AYES
Agendas PLANS
Airport boarding site GATE
Backyard building SHED
Bracelet fasteners CLASPS
Brazilian dance SAMBA
Bridal gown fabric SATIN
Cameo shape OVAL
Child not quite 20 TEEN
Crafts website ETSY
Cuts, as logs SAWS
Deserve to receive MERIT
Dessert with a crust PIE
Drops of paint BLOBS
Enjoy LIKE
Enter, as a room GOIN
Exist LIVE
Faithful LOYAL
Flimsy, as an excuse LAME
Friend from France AMI
Full-width headline BANNER
Fuzzy green fruit KIWI
Genie’s offering WISH
Getz of jazz STAN
Heartbeat PULSE
Horse’s fast pace GALLOP
Hotel’s ”time to arise” signals WAKEUPCALLS
Launder WASH
Lean and muscular WIRY
Long stories SAGAS
Look forward to AWAIT
Made a sketch DREW
Menageries ZOOS
Monthly utility bill: Abbr ELEC
Naval noncom: Abbr CPO
Newborn feline KITTEN
Not doing anything IDLE
Of the mouth ORAL
Oil change, for short LUBE
Oil leaks SLICKS
One-pot meal STEW
Online diary BLOG
Over a broad area WIDELY
Pickle herb DILL
Pre-euro Italian coin LIRA
Remove, as a fruit peel PARE
River-mouth formation DELTA
Scent ODOR
Short summary RECAP
Signals at an entryway DOORKNOCKS
Signals for air traffic controllers RADARBLIPS
Some other time LATER
Source of ancient fables AESOP
Station wagon’s wheels TIRES
Stocks-and-bonds dealer TRADER
Study at the last minute CRAM
Stumble TRIP
Sushi grain RICE
Take a nap SNOOZE
Thread holders SPOOLS
Top-notch SUPERB
Tubular sandwiches HEROS
Twosome PAIR
Walk laboriously SLOG
Where Noah can be read about BIBLE
Where Noah landed ARARAT
Whirlpool tubs SPAS
Witness’ oath IDO
Wool sources EWES
__ and forth (to and fro) BACK
__ Jima IWO
__ West, FL KEY
__-friendly software USER