Crossword Puzzle Info – May 15 2018

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Clues Answers
”Hey you!” PSST
”Ho, ho, ho!” guy SANTA
”Wizard of Oz” dog TOTO
Attach, as postage AFFIX
Begin to melt THAW
Biblical ”your” THY
Blend of metals ALLOY
Buddies PALS
Butter portions PATS
Cafeteria carriers TRAYS
Cairo’s country EGYPT
Clumsy one’s comment OOPS
Computer correspondence EMAIL
Coral structure REEF
Didn’t have LACKED
Diplomatic skill TACT
Do the driving STEER
Door openers KEYS
Dough-rising ingredient YEAST
Dwarflike garden ornaments GNOMES
Electric car brand TESLA
Evaluating RATING
Exams for high school jrs PSATS
First part of a play’s act SCENEI
First word of a letter DEAR
Foolish one SILLYGOOSE
Former French money FRANC
Get the gold medal WIN
Give permission for ALLOW
Going off on a __ (digressing) TANGENT
Great Salt Lake’s state UTAH
Group of Boy Scouts TROOP
Hotshot attorney LEGALEAGLE
In addition ALSO
Informal farewell SEEYA
Made angry RILED
Make a fast escape FLEE
Margin for error LEEWAY
Clues Answers
Mauna __ (Hawaiian volcano) LOA
Mean-spirited NASTY
Milwaukee or Miami CITY
Most dishonorable BASEST
No later than, for short TIL
Noah’s boat ARK
Not fooled by ONTO
Numerical fact, for short STAT
One who’s an easy target SITTINGDUCK
Payment to Internal Revenue TAX
Person’s strong point FORTE
Physicians’ org AMA
Pigpen STY
Police informant STOOLPIGEON
Pub beverage ALE
Really feel the heat SWELTER
Remind constantly NAG
Royal palace CASTLE
Sample of food TASTE
Spherical hairdos AFROS
Spooky EERIE
Storage container BIN
Sweepstakes submission ENTRY
Teheran’s country IRAN
Theater level TIER
Tied, as shoes LACED
Toad’s cousin FROG
Transportation on rails TRAIN
Trout or tuna FISH
Tugged on PULLED
Very uncommon RARE
Water around a 45 Down MOAT
Wise person SAGE
Wooden strip SLAT
Wrath IRE
Writing tablet PAD
__ Angeles LOS
__ Major (Big Dipper constellation) URSA
__ yet (so far) ASOF