Crossword Puzzle Info – May 16 2019

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Clues Answers
”Aladdin” prince ALI
”I agree” METOO
”I’m angry!” GRR
”I’m through!” ALLDONE
’70s fad jewelry MOODRING
ABA member ATT
Ancient boast beginning ICAME
Athenian statesman SOLON
Backstreet ALLEY
Bout ruling TKO
Brando’s brother in ”On the Waterfront” STEIGER
Bulky grazer RHINO
By all judges, in law ENBANC
C-shaped gripper CLAMP
Cause to miss a deadline LATEN
Cold-weather coaster SLED
Common circus sound ROAR
Courtroom address YOURHONOR
Decline to, old-style SHANT
Escorts via elevator, maybe SEESUP
Expect to get back LEND
Facebook status symbol EMOJI
Filming out-of-studio ONLOCATION
Foot: Lat PES
Future flier, maybe LARVA
Game-winning trio OOO
GPS reading ENE
Grafton’s ”__ for Noose” NIS
Guiding principle CREDO
Hammock supports TREES
Hot tub SPA
Hot-tub feature JET
Hubbard of Scientology LRON
Increases ADDSTO
Increases UPS
It has its pluses and minuses MATH
Its run topped ”A Chorus Line” CATS
Lacking logic SENSELESS
Lawn device EDGER
Lorry drivers BRITS
Marathon souvenir TEESHIRT
Mexican mlle SRTA
Most of a sandal SOLE
Novelist Zola EMILE
Plan details of MARKOUT
QVC alternative HSN
Rapidity SPEED
Rights grp ACLU
Road trip expense TOLLS
Ron Howard nickname OPIE
SASEs, when sent ENCS
Settle a score GETEVEN
Small fraction of a qt TSP
Software guru TECHIE
Something discussed ISSUE, TOPIC
Something to skip ROPE
Sound of ”music” LONGU
Sound of amusement TEHEE
Sound of relaxation AAH
Stage scenery SETPIECES
Starter like equi- ISO
Sudden spasm TIC
Suffix for racket EER
Take residency in OCCUPY
TBS late-night name CONAN
Throat bug STREP
To date YET
Toledo’s water ERIE
Venerable fraternal order ELKS
Voiced, in phonetics SONANT
What scarves cover NAPES
Year-end rendition CAROL