– May 16 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Adjust a camera lens FOCUS
After-tax amount NET
Allows LETS
Arrival’s announcement IMHERE
At a __ for words (speechless) LOSS
Big brawl MELEE
Brief role for a star CAMEO
Broccoli or spinach, for short VEG
Caller of balls and strikes HOMEPLATEUMPIRE
Cause of a dripping pipe LEAK
Closely monitored hospital ward: Abbr ICU
Complete collection SET
Concert’s bonus song ENCORE
Crunchy Tex-Mex shells TACOS
Dairy beast COW
Eve’s first home EDEN
Expose a secret TELL
Extremely happy ECSTATIC
Eye rudely LEERAT
Farmland measure ACRE
Fast burst of light FLASH
First player on the mound STARTINGPITCHER
Get goosebumps TINGLE
Group of cattle HERD
Guys MEN
Have as a lofty goal ASPIRETO
Hawaiian restaurant figurine TIKI
Historical period ERA
Impolite RUDE
Indicate with a finger POINTAT
Letter before tee ESS
Liquids in pens INKS
Make over, as a kitchen REDO
Makes a blunder ERRS
More calm SERENER
Movie theater CINEMA
Nation north of Mexico: Abbr USA
Needs a massage ACHES
Nevada casino city RENO
Not feeling well ILL
Notion IDEA
Ocean’s rise and fall TIDE
Overexcited, informally AMPED
Pants’ leg measurement INSEAM
Partridge’s carol tree PEAR
Person circulating at a party Mingler
Picnic intruder ANT
Potato covering SKIN
Pots for heating water KETTLES
Preacher’s speech SERMON
Reputation stain STIGMA
Resort with mineral springs SPA
Scatter about STREW
See 32 Across VENDOR
Shade tree ELM
Shopper’s itemized sheet LIST
Shuts loudly, as a door SLAMS
Slide down snowy slopes SKI
Small valley GLEN
Someone who detests something HATER
Stately display POMP
Style of furnishings DECOR
Throat-clearing sound AHEM
Tightly stretched TAUT
Title for a duke or earl LORD
Tree-grown ingredients in Southern pies PECANS
War horse STEED
Wear away over time ERODE
With 34 Across, seller of small snacks in shells PEANUT
With no intermission, as a play ONEACT
Young lady LASS
__ room (place to play) REC
__ space (where rockets go) OUTER

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