Crossword Puzzle Info – May 17 2019

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Clues Answers
”A pack of lies!” UNTRUE
”Cheers” regular WENDT
”Gentille” bird of song ALOUETTE
”May I help you?” YES
”Rent” role MIMI
’30s pop idol Vallee RUDY
’80s title holder TYSON
28-Grammy music legend QUINCYJONES
A Gulf State OMAN
Alien-seeking pgm SETI
All fired up EAGER
Alphabetic excerpt QRSTU
Amp jack label MIC
Belgian singer/songwriter JACQUESBREL
Big lug APE
Big screen franchise IMAX
Brand in many makeup kits QTIP
Call on SEE
Cause to be 31 Down EXCITE
Certain Indonesian JAVAN
Churchillian greeting VSIGN
Close up, as a hole DARN
Daily record LOG
Data-sharing acronym LAN
Early LP format MONO
Ending like -free LESS
ESPN media partner NCAA
Fall off EBB
Female zebra MARE
Field fraction ACRE
File companion RANK
Flowers that sound like kissers TULIPS
Gawk at OGLE
Gobsmack STUN
Hole in one, almost always EAGLE
Internal restrainer EGO
Judo schools DOJOS
Long haul TREK
Metaphor for guidance ROADMAP
Mideast fruit source DATEPALM
Nabokov novel LOLITA
Nation surrounded by Malaysia BRUNEI
Not a lot TWO
Not mention OMIT
Not touching SPACED
Numbers game ROULETTE
Officeholder POL
One of a John Williams quintet OSCAR
One of the Apostles PAUL
Optical counterpart IMAGE
Part of a Zorro costume CAPE
Portion of pistachio SCOOP
Pull (out) OPT
Purchase for a prom DRESS
River through Aragon EBRO
Sixth 007 novel DRNO
Spanish classical composer ENRIQUEGRANADOS
Spot in the distance ESPY
Starter for worthy or water SEA
Street cred REP
Teased for a while RODE
Things to 67 Across TOES
Tic-tac-toe line OOX
Tiny tantrum thrower BRAT
Tomasso’s ”please” PREGO
Turns out badly GOESSOUR
Type of daisy OXEYE
Ultimate heights ACMES
Undercover contingent NARCS
Undisguised BARE
Verne’s era EPOQUE
Where bills are stored TILLS