Crossword Puzzle Info – May 18 2018

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Clues Answers
”Avatar” race NAVI
”Bolero” composer RAVEL
”Hook” villain SMEE
”__ a break!” INEED
16 Across initials YSL
Action taken STEPS
Air passage of a sort FLUE
Alternate puzzle title Movingout
Asian nation suffix STAN
Big truck’s maneuver WIDETURN
Call for ASK
Cobbles together MAKES
Conclusions at a service AMENS
Contains, or can contain HOLDS
Corner PC key ESC
Discard TOSS
Essence of some pastes TOMATO
Evinced delight BEAMED
Fanciful thoughts NOTIONS
Far from alert ASLEEP
Farm structures STIES
Feel discontent FRET
Foil relatives EPEES
Follow, as a tip ACTON
Google service MAPS
Google service EMAIL
Hassles TODOS
High-end designer COUTURIER
Hip-hop fellas BBOYS
Island with a state capital OAHU
Kevlar products VESTS
Letter closing ASEVER
Lone Star landmark ALAMO
Lose intensity SAG
Many a new car driver LESSEE
Medical suffix OSIS
Moscow-based agency TASS
Move cautiously EASE
Clues Answers
NAFTA signatory USA
Napped material SUEDE
Person from Mecca SAUDI
Plop forerunner KER
Pointless UNUSEFUL
Port of Iraq BASRA
Prepare peas, perhaps PUREE
Programmer’s reusable code SUBROUTINE
Public standing REPUTE
Put into practice ADOPT
Recent Olympics venue KOREA
Rio Grande city ELPASO
Royal flush card ACE
Royal flush card TEN
Salt away STASH
Scoffed at FLOUTED
Seats at a service PEWS
Shangri-la EDEN
Show __ (attend) UPAT
Small scrap SPAT
Small team DUO
Strange ALIEN
Sugar bowl invader ANT
Symbol of Australia EMU
They’re absent from ”Peanuts” ADULTS
Thick soups POTAGES
TSA’s frequent viewings IDS
Tweak, as text EMEND
Unexciting BLAH
Very, in music MOLTO
Waterfowl GEESE
What some upraised hands represent AYES
When Derby Day is MAY
Yokozuna’s sport SUMO
__ butter (bread spread) NUT
__ butter (skin cream) OAT
__ Lama DALAI