Crossword Puzzle Info – May 18 2019

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Clues Answers
”Apfelwein,” to Americans CIDER
”I don’t believe it!” SONOFAGUN
”Sweet” stuff CORN
”Thirst amidst __ of waves”: ”Odyssey” ASEA
Alternative to wood screws TNUTS
Base home base HOVEL
Big name in the Harlem Renaissance ZORA
Black and white PATROLCAR
Buoy advisory NOWAKEZONE
Cabinet selection OAK
Certain Balto-Slav LETT
Cheer’s conclusion ILY
Conference of eight IVIES
Cooler in the summer ITALIANICE
Counterbalance EQUIPOISE
Echo, e.g EFFECT
Elvis, c. 1959 PFC
Erstwhile UK record label EMI
Extra conditions ANDS
Faithful servers LIEGES
Far more than admiring INAWE
Fashion with a flare ALINE
Formal GALA
Grande surface d’eau MER
Hard-working introvert TYPEC
Heading in the right direction? EASTWARDS
Hi-tech outfits EWEAR
Historical poncho wearer INCA
Iceland, originally MOLTENLAVA
Ignorance, to Socrates EVIL
It’s shaved for an undercut NAPE
Ken Burns’ follow-up to ”Jazz” THEWAR
Kitchen counter material ONYX
Lab table, essentially ELEMENTS
Loathsome one TOAD
McCain’s Senate successor KYL
Merchandise movers SALES
Mountain climbed by Muir SHASTA
Name in the subtitle of ”Bond Bound” IAN
Nickname akin to Reba BECCA
Optimist’s urging SMILE
Organic digger TUSK
Owner of a scooter-sharing service UBER
Persistent inconvenience PEST
Pickpocket, for instance TAKER
Pimento et al REDS
Producer of oils MOBIL
Put forth EXERT
Put forth AIR
Ready (for) RIPE
Reagan, for seven youthful summers LIFEGUARD
Salutation popularized by ”A Farewell to Arms” CIAO
Scout Shop purchase KNIFE
See 17 Across ANIMATION
Sharpie shade AQUA
She’s seen in middle names LENA
Split second TRICE
Steelmaking need STEAMPOWER
Supergenerous, informally SOBIG
The ”where” SITE
Three former UN members SSRS
Titles akin to gurus LAMAS
Traditional campers HOBOS
UK airport-search code LON
What strollers carry with them LEGRESTS
What the Pony Express transported MAILBAGS
With 59 Across, dormancy SUSPENDED
Word in the etymology of ”tweezers” ETUI
You want no part of them AVERSIONS
__ party TOGA