– May 18 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A long way off AFAR
Activate, as an alarm ARM
Allow to ripen AGE
Annul, as a license REVOKE
Apple’s music players IPODS
Atlas close-up maps INSETS
Bartender’s appliance MIXER
Big name in small bricks LEGO
Boxing match ender TKO
Camping shelter TENT
Car from Germany AUDI
Carry with difficulty LUG
Clara of the Red Cross BARTON
Close loudly SLAM
Common coffee-shop convenience FREEWIFI
Convention attendee DELEGATE
Cover with asphalt PAVE
Didn’t slouch SATUP
Don’t include OMIT
Dream-stage letters REM
Duplicate found in a word processor search EXACTMATCH
Duplicate sheet before photocopiers CARBONCOPY
End of many company URLs COM
Extra-wide, on a shoebox EEE
Fannie __ (home loan agency) MAE
Food merchant GROCER
For no profit ATCOST
Foreboding sign OMEN
Formal promise VOW
Get something wrong ERR
Goes out with DATES
Grace-ending word AMEN
Greek love god EROS
Hasty escape LAM
Homeowner’s document DEED
HQ for military pilots AFB
Iced coffee drink FRAPPE
Inventor’s inspiration IDEA
Less plausible, as an excuse LAMER
Living-room couches SOFAS
Low-rain region DESERT
Masseuse’s employer SPA
Minor quake TREMOR
Monastery leader ABBOT
Multicolored horse ROAN
Napoleon exile isle ELBA
Old Testament queen ESTHER
One who is owed something DEBTEE
One-name British singing star ADELE
Opposite aspects of an issue SIDES
Overhauled REDID
Parking permit, often DECAL
Parts of decades: Abbr YRS
Person spreading rumors GOSSIP
Persona __ grata NON
Photo of the photographer SELFIE
Pre-recorded TAPED
Prescription, for short MED
Razor’s sharp part EDGE
Rescuer SAVIOR
Scheduled to arrive DUE
Scornful looks SNEERS
Selected, with ”for” OPTED
Sibling with duplicate DNA IDENTICALTWIN
Strawberry’s shade RED
Strong craving URGE
Sumptuous meals FEASTS
Survey takers POLLERS
Tablet computer implement STYLUS
The S of ASPCA: Abbr SOC
Top of the head PATE
Trusted, with ”on” RELIED
TV advertiser SPONSOR
Twisted out of shape BENT
Twisted, as a grin WRY
Unskilled in POORAT
Yale student ELI
__ la la (singsong syllables) TRA

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