Crossword Puzzle Info – May 19 2018

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Clues Answers
”Ambition . . . __ looks back”: Jonson NEER
”Ended, __ it begun” (Dickinson poem) ERE
”I can’t wait!” OOH
Aforementioned SAME
Antonym of ”elation” DOLOR
Arranges effectively MARSHALS
Asked a lot of IMPOSEDON
Be inspirational ENCOURAGE
Bed-Ins for Peace participant ONO
Bikini, for example CORALATOLL
Binding bargain PACT
Busiest US airport ATL
Can’t handle surprise, perhaps FAINTS
Chipotle’s category FASTCASUAL
Common Arabian utterance NEIGH
Coping saw? IGETBY
Dating app stat SETUPS
Enduring illusions MYTHS
England first bagged it in 1953 TEA
Evinces impressive ambition AIMSHIGH
Exhilarates SENDS
Federal supporter of FEMA EPA
Filter out OMIT
Florida Thoroughbred center OCALA
Forebears, for instance KIN
Half a Wimbledon match-up TENNISSHOE
Half of ”quattordici” SETTE
Honest __ (pomegranate product) ADE
HR ad space-saver EOE
Immediately following HEREON
Left off land APORT
Losing strategy LIPO
Many emojis FACES
Modern mailbox provider ISP
Clues Answers
Much of Revere’s Boston statue STEED
Name akin to Diego JAIME
Old-school encouragement RAH
One leaving plot holes HOE
Opening-song performer in ”Aloha, Scooby-Doo!” DONHO
Overwrought behavior OPERATICS
Phone, old-style DIAL
Pipe up with a claim CALLDIBS
Potter’s employer in ”. . . Cursed Child” MINISTRYOFMAGIC
Publisher of ”Gumbo” yearbooks LSU
Reluctant dismissal OKGO
Respecting ASTO
Rubberneck LOOKER
Serve as a model SIT
Shakespearean shout FIE
Sporting restriction of a sort TIMELIMIT
Start to play MIS
Stems in miso soup UDO
Stogie, from the Spanish ELROPO
Suffix like -ness SHIP
Surfer’s friendly gesture SHAKASIGN
Syndicate, for short ASSOC
Take a waterless bath EATIT
The leading name of Rolling Stone’s Greatest Guitarists JIMI
Tiny fuel pump display, say IDIOTLIGHT
Turin neighbor ASTI
Unbridled episode SPREE
Unintended infelicity GAFFE
Veg out LOLL
Wavy line on some maps ISOTHERM
What a certain tool is designed to find STUDS
What some canines are attached to ROOF
What Tibetans call ”man bear” THEYETI
Word from the Latin for ”weary” ALAS
__ TV Network (”Jim Bakker Show” airer) PTL