Crossword Puzzle Info – May 2 2019

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Clues Answers
”American Hunter” publisher NRA
”Beat it!” SHOO
”On the double!” ASAP
”Prior to” starter PRE
”Take this” HERE
”There once __ a . . .” WAS
”You” of yesteryear THOU
Aachen octet ACHT
Airplane’s course VECTOR
Alternative to Glade LYSOL
American in Paris, for short EXPAT
Annapolis newbie PLEBE
Assembly instructions part STEP
Author Quindlen ANNA
Began to unravel FRAYED
Big stir HOOPLA
Budgetary excess FAT
Café shaker contents SEL
Cannon contents AMMO
Careless LAX
Check for fingerprints DUST
Daily grinds RUTS
Diagnostic scans MRIS
Division preposition INTO
Drive-__ THRU
Entryway instruction PUSH
Evil spell HEX
Exhaust USEUP
Facetious ”Who, me?” MOI
Flanged hardware TNUTS
From that place THENCE
Great holdings WEALTH
Guy on the Sistine Chapel ceiling ADAM
Hawkish Olympian ARES
Heat carriers DUCTS
Heavy volume TOME
High pt. of Sicily MTETNA
Insubstantial MERE
Intel gatherer SPY
Keats creations ODES
Keeps in the loop APPRISES
Knotted rope NOOSE
Lake around Mackinac Island HURON
Language variants DIALECTS
Maryland collegians TERPS
Minor card DEUCE
Mistaken opinion ERROR
Mister Rogers FRED
Not easily found OUTOFTHEWAY
Not feeling well UNDERTHEWEATHER
Not in one’s prime anymore OVERTHEHILL
Not safely situated INTHELINEOFFIRE
Not snowed by ONTO
Offshoot group SECT
One saying ”SKNXX-X!” SNORER
Parlor purchase TATTOO
Praise profusely EXTOL
Pulverize MASH
Reluctant LOATH
Russian Winter Olympics city SOCHI
School near Windsor ETON
Sea predator ORCA
Serious promises OATHS
Short stroke PUTT
Source of tweets NEST
Stick around TARRY
Stick on AFFIX
Still around EXTANT
Strong gripper EPOXY
Subject under discussion THEME
The other side, for short OPPO
Tighten for publication EDIT
Uninformed guess STAB
Warrior Princess of TV XENA
Young zebra COLT