Crossword Puzzle Info – May 2 2020 – Puzzle Solutions

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Clues Answers
”. . . love but __ forever”: Burns HER
”Harrumph!” IMMAD
’60s singer named for the Count of Monte Cristo EDAMES
100+ products at MOUSEEARS
500+ Wales attractions CASTLES
Alabama aviation mecca SPACECAMP
Alternative to a shoulder tap PSST
Backbends, arm balances, etc YOGAPOSES
Beginnings of wanderlust ITCHES
Benefits for Calgary’s economy OILBOOMS
Cars formerly made in Västra Götaland County SAABS
Colorant for faux-antique paper TEA
Combine POOL
Court tourney org ATP
Creamy courses POTAGES
Crème brûlée toppers GELEES
Dieter’s concern WAIST
Digital interface, briefly ASL
Div. of a degree MIN
Dumbledore in ”Fantastic Beasts” JUDELAW
Emma Stone, in a ”Tonight Show” Lip Sync Battle RAPPER
Father-to-be SEMINARIAN
Finale for females ENNE
Game in Vonnegut’s ”All the King’s Horses” CHESS
Garden __ HERB
Gossipy ABUZZ
Got out of the way DID
Hopping Saharan rodent JERBOA
Humorous movement SCHERZO
Johnny’s last name, in history books REB
Lab reports ARFS
Lagunas, esencialmente AGUA
Less-than-specific identification ITSME
Machu Picchu postcard image LLAMA
Masked combatants EPEEISTS
Mexican pork-and-hominy dish POSOLE
Mid-February sentiment BEMINE
Mount in ”The Odyssey” OSSA
Mozart, fraternally FREEMASON
Mugger HAM
Multi-Emmy actor with a 2017 book on the Constitution ASNER
Nickname like Dina GERI
Night light sight MOTH
NO ADDED __ (common ramen notation) MSG
One counted on for delivery MESSIAH
Propulsion used by Columbus TRADEWINDS
Puppy activity SCAMPERING
Reach a maximum CREST
Rue Jeanne d’Arc city ORLEANS
Sign on a Candy Land board START
Single ltrs., for 14 elements SYMS
Some mealtime signals GONGS
Squeeze COERCE
Stop on your way to the bar? LSAT
Storage unit, for short MEG
Stressed, for short ITAL
Surname that’s a roofing job SLATER
Sushi restaurant serving SAKESET
Timber flaw resembling flowers STARSHAKE
Title word in the 14th Kinsey Millhone novel NOOSE
What a good argument has MERIT
What Manhattan was, circa 1660 WALLED
Whistler in 10 films ARTOODETOO
Whodunit plot element RATPOISON
With, on some restaurant awnings CHEZ
Your expression LOOK
__ result ASA