Crossword Puzzle Info – May 20 2018

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Clues Answers
”David Copperfield” clerk URIAH
”Inside the NBA” analyst ONEAL
”It matters to me” ICARE
”Wuthering Heights” author BRONTE
”You bet” YES
35mm camera type SLR
Adorable toddler CUTIE
Afternoon hour FOUR
Air conduit DUCT
Angler’s device RANGEFINDER
Arranged logically SORTED
Beds with bars CRIBS
Big name in denim LEVI
Black History Mo FEB
Breed of steed ARAB
Bridge analyst ENGINEER
Brooks or Gibson MEL
Canine coat FUR
Cantina tidbit TAPA
Caribbean music CALYPSO
Central parts CORES
Chicken __ mein CHOW
Cinematic technique, for short SLOMO
Commercial TVAD
Country singer Tucker TANYA
Courageous INTREPID
Court summons SUBPOENA
Cravings YENS
Crinkly party paper CREPE
David Cameron alma mater ETON
DDE’s first conflict WWI
Dinner garnish PARSLEY
Discourage DETER
Dishwasher cycle RINSE
Display of disinterest YAWN
Ditty TUNE
Don’t like at all ABHOR
Draw back from danger WINCE
Earth tone TAN
Employee pocket attachment PHOTOID
Ending like -trix ENNE
Escort to, as a table SEATAT
Evening hrs PMS
Exception introducer BUT
Exploits DEEDS
Family man DAD
Feeling ho-hum BORED
Flamboyant SPLASHY
Folktales LORE
Forgo scissors RIP
Formal ”Who’s there?” response ITISI
Freeway path LANE
Gave in, so to speak CAVED
Give feedback REPLY
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
Guy catching counterfeiters TMAN
Hangs ten SURFS
How tomatoes may be bought INOIL
Hutch display CHINA
Ideal example EPITOME
In many cases OFTEN
Inconsistent UNEVEN
Insolence, informally TUDE
Italy’s supreme poet DANTE
Jeans feature PATCHPOCKET
Karma FATE
Keyboard user TYPIST
Keystone Studios comic KOP
Kilt wearer SCOT
Last stage END
Clues Answers
Light weights GRAMS
Long-odds bet TRIFECTA
Loses color FADES
Lower leg SHIN
Lower-left PC key ALT
Mark Twain, for example PENNAME
Melding game RUMMY
Metal-in-the-rough ORE
Mink cousin OTTER
Modeler’s material BALSA
Moral principle TENET
Most outstanding BEST
Motive, in whodunits PLOTELEMENT
Mumbai money RUPEE
Myanmar neighbor LAOS
Mystery writer Nevada BARR
Nation on the Red Sea YEMEN
New Mexico resort TAOS
Observe EYE
Observe from hiding SPYON
Oil-drilling equipment RIG
Online journal BLOG
Opened one’s eyes WOKE
Options with entrées SIDES
Oscar winner as Idi Amin FORESTWHITAKER
Pacifist mantra NONUKES
Pair of performers DUET
Parked oneself SAT
Personal circumstances LOTINLIFE
Piece of okra POD
Police org PBA
Polished off ATE
Pond dweller FROG
Postal Service patrons SENDERS
Preadolescent TWEEN
Questioned intensely GRILLED
Ready oneself PREP
Resided DWELT
Savory jelly ASPIC
Shade tree ELM
Ship of 1492 PINTA
Skyward ALOFT
Slip into DON
Smartphone download APP
Sod busters HOES
Spoken approval of an action WISEMOVE
Students’ excursion FIELDTRIP
Swarming pests GNATS
Sweet bargain STEAL
Tacked on APPENDED
Take a spouse WED
Tends to the sauce STIRS
The folks KIN
Thunder sound CLAP
Tight braid CORNROW
Trike rider TOT
Twisty pasta ROTINI
Ultimate height ACME
University town near Bangor ORONO
Up to no good EVIL
Variety of violet PANSY
Vocalized SANG
Warming wear SWEATER
West Pointer CADET
What paper is made from PULP
Wind down ABATE
Wing measurement SPAN
Withdraws slowly WEANS
Witness SEE
Work boot features TOECAPS