Crossword Puzzle Info – May 20 2022 Crossword Solutions

Published in Crossword. – May 20 2022

Clues Answers
”Comedy in Music” pianist BORGE
”Norsk Folkemuseum” site OSLO
”Smooth Operator” singer SADE
”Some Like __” ITHOT
Aptly named Philly radio station* WFIL
Asia/Africa separator REDSEA
Augment with ADDON
Author Silverstein SHEL
Auto adornment* DECAL
Baby raptors EAGLETS
Barrel-__ beer AGED
Big name in Israeli history GOLDA
Boca __, FL RATON
Brash talk SASS
Cabinet department ENERGY
Caller of strikes UMP
Chopped down* HEWN
Clerical work RITE
Clothing store department BOYS
Countrified RURAL
Digital greeting ECARD
Eye part with the iris UVEA
Free-for-all* FRACAS
G neighbor AFLAT
GHWB alma mater YALEU
Grapevine’s gripper TENDRIL
Half of a dog’s name APSO
Hangout for Homer MOES
Horse’s cousin ASS
How some prefer their steak PANSEARED
Huge, so to speak* MONDO
Inkling CLUE
Lobbying grps ASSNS
Measure of chili hotness ALARM
Movie munchies* CANDY
Nation once part of Yugoslavia SERBIA
Needing attention, as a tot COLICKY
One attending 52 Across ELI
Clues Answers
One of a comics toon trio DEWEY
Open wider DILATE
Oration location DAIS
Oval or square* SHAPE
Pies, in the silent era AMMO
Poetic time of day EEN
Pointy pillar OBELISK
Pop-up generator ADWARE
Possible cobbler contents APPLE
Powder holders PUFFS
Put forward OFFER
Quaker captain of literature AHAB
Ready to eat DONE
Roommate, often SIB
Salsa selection MILD
Shove off SAIL
Small hills MOUNDS
Small stuff MINIS
Some laughs HAHA
Some native Alaskans INUITS
Soup herb DILL
Spanish stew OLLA
The ”f” in f-stop FOCAL
TiVo ancestor VCR
Top-circulation US magazine AARP
Tourney makeup GAMES
Tourney slots* BERTHS
Twofold DUAL
US government broadcaster VOA
Wearable Disneyland souvenirs EARS
Wetlands waders EGRETS
What Brickipedia is all about LEGO
What FICA funds SSA
What loafers don’t have LACES
What’s ”cracked” in each of the four star-paired answers NUT
Wooden or plastic elevator TEE
Word like ”prego” BITTE
Yosemite photographer ADAMS
__-Dale (pal of Robin) ALANA