Crossword Puzzle Info – May 21 2018

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Clues Answers
”Go ahead and ask!” SHOOT
”There’s no __ like home” PLACE
Athlete using a sword FENCER
Autumn flower ASTER
Bandit-faced mammals, for short COONS
Baseball referees UMPS
Basements CELLARS
Being optimistic HOPING
Biological duplicate CLONE
Bird’s home NEST
Blacks out for a moment FAINTS
Chew like a squirrel GNAW
Chimney duct FLUE
Common antibiotic PENICILLIN
Declare untrue DENY
Desert plants CACTI
Do your own __ THING
Elastic strap around a sock GARTER
Encounter MEET
Fathers, informally DADS
Five-part athletic event PENTATHLON
Free weekly newspaper PENNYSAVER
General tendency TREND
Gets a look at SEES
Got through, as a barrier PENETRATED
Grain in Chinese cuisine RICE
Great joy GLEE
Had lunch or dinner ATE
Hair tangles SNARLS
Health clubs SPAS
Heredity bit GENE
Highest poker card ACE
Increases, as one’s weight GAINS
Letterman’s nickname DAVE
Liquors used in martinis GINS
Luau dance HULA
Makes happy ELATES
Meat inspection agcy USDA
Mixes with a spoon STIRS
Clues Answers
Mom’s sister AUNT
More up-to-date NEWER
Move like a moth FLIT
New Haven collegians YALIES
Paddling a canoe OARING
Places for goatees CHINS
Plane’s sudden descent TAILSPIN
Point opposite WSW ENE
Polite fellow GENT
Possesses HAS
Prayer ender AMEN
Prefix meaning ”against” ANTI
Propel a bicycle PEDAL
Raggedy doll ANN
Religious ceremony RITE
Religious offshoot SECT
River through Paris SEINE
Rural hotels INNS
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
Secret agent SPY
See-through camera part LENS
Sharer of emcee duties COHOST
Show up for ATTEND
Soft colors PASTELS
Spiny-haired mammal HEDGEHOG
Thomas __ Edison ALVA
Title for a British nobleman LORD
Turn topsy-turvy UPEND
Unlock OPEN
Very much ALOT
Was winning LED
Wasn’t truthful LIED
Winfrey of TV OPRAH
Wonderland girl ALICE
__ away (shrinks back) SHIES
__ Baba ALI
__ so (nevertheless) EVEN