Crossword Puzzle Info – May 21 2022 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
#2 in WS wins STL
”Another Cinderella Story” star GOMEZ
”Champion” magazine publisher NCAA
”Home on the Range,” e.g STATESONG
”Monument to Balzac” creator RODIN
100,000 BTUs THERM
A way with words ELOQUENCE
Advances in elevation LEAPFROGS
Angela Merkel’s successor OLAFSCHOLZ
Antiquity YORE
Beast in the Ark: Survival Evolved video game TREX
Bucks GELT
Camp sight CANOE
Carry-ons regulated by the FAA EREADERS
Chairside Instructor app provider ADA
Co-creator of 35 Across HANNA
Combatant in 1990s ”console wars” SEGA
Compunction RUE
Cowbird cousin ORIOLE
Denounce RAILAT
Doc bloc HMO
Doctor’s order SCAN
Does one’s part ACTS
Don’t follow through, with ”off” BEG
Easy going AMBLE
Film feline since the ’40s TOM
Go with SEE
Gorbachev predecessor CHERNENKO
Gray epitome of glumness EEYORE
Half-pint CUP
Hammurabi or Nebuchadnezzar BABYLONIAN
Having a shot INIT
Hooey ROT
Human __ ERROR
i follower TUNES
Increases production SCALESUP
Clues Answers
IQ alternative for Mensa admission GRE
Irreparable SHOT
It may suit you WORSTED
It’s in the bag TOGOORDER
It’s slashed for all HESHE
Kept in touch, perhaps WROTE
Like diamonds RED
Name from Old Norse for a little magician ALF
Name on the cover of numerous best-sellers (1915-1924) ZANE
Non-Scratch Scrubber brand SOS
Of hiking, biking, etc GERUNDIAL
On which numbers are written MATHTEST
One use for a horsehair BOWSTRING
Outback, for instance REMOTEAREA
Pec pic TAT
Peppery addition to mango salad CRESS
Promotional device to walk through MODELHOME
Range of understanding KEN
Repository of Lost Legends site SNOPES
Seat of an Orange County ORLANDO
See 2 Down LAW
Something to rest on or reel in PERCH
Stop for an airborne ”hopper” ISLE
Suitable for ”Champion” magazine? AMATEURISH
Take a dip SAG
The way of the world ORBIT
Toothpaste extrusion assistant SQUEEZER
Top suits CEOS
Top with a joke, say TSHIRT
Venerable, so to speak OLE
Video connector features COLORCODES
What reimbursement isn’t counted for NETEXPENSE
With 51 Across, biting reducer LEASH
Word from the French for ”fireplaces” FOYERS
Word in the etymology of a ”silly” synonym ASS
__ chart ORG