Crossword Puzzle Info – May 22 2019

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Clues Answers
”Crime and Punishment,” for one DOSTOEVSKYNOVEL
”Grey’s Anatomy” network ABC
”So long!” TATA
”You can count on me!” IMIN
”__ Lisa” MONA
”__ was saying . . .” ASI
11 hours after 43 Across NOON
Affirmations YESES
After a while LATER
Annoy IRK
At any time EVER
At present NOWADAYS
Atlanta to Miami dir SSE
Clever people WITS
Coffee in a small cup ESPRESSO
Common airport rental AUTO
Critically important KEY
Devoured a novel READ
Double curves ESSES
Emmy and Oscar AWARDS
Falls behind LAGS
False statement LIE
French home for van Gogh ARLES
Goes up in flames BURNS
Got taller GREW
Hay package BALE
Historical period ERA
Hockey officials REFS
Hockey venue ARENA
Indoor swimming spots POOLS
Inquires ASKS
Insignificant MERE
Interstate off-ramp EXIT
It was already thought of UNORIGINALIDEA
Lake near Niagara Falls ERIE
Last Greek letter OMEGA
Leave out OMIT
Letters on our stamps USA
Like new dollars CRISP
Long skirt MAXI
Manufacture MAKE
More than half MOST
Not fooled by ONTO
Not moving INERT
Not __ many words INSO
Of cities URBAN
Off-the-neck hairstyle UPDO
Once more AGAIN
Otherwise ELSE
Papa’s spouse MAMA
Poker pot starter ANTE
Previously watched SEEN
Ram’s mate EWE
Relieve, as tension EASE
Remove a disguise from UNMASK
Retail transactions SALES
Rights-defending org ACLU
Sail holders MASTS
Seize GRAB
Sesame __ bun SEED
Sinister EVIL
Sipper’s implement STRAW
Slippery swimmers EELS
Soprano colleague ALTO
Southpaw LEFTY
Stately trees ELMS
Stockholm native SWEDE
Streets and roads WAYS
Superlative suffix EST
Tactless CRUDE
Texas A&M student AGGIE
Trains’ river crossings TRESTLEBRIDGES
Typical Saudi ARAB
Wee hour ONEAM
Wide smile GRIN
Wise mentor GURU
__ monster (Southwestern lizard) GILA