Crossword Puzzle Info – May 24 2018

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Clues Answers
”Told you!” SOTHERE
2 Down detectors NOSES
Ad topper, often SALE
Arranged, with ”out” LAID
Artichoke’s anchor ROOT
Backpack part STRAP
Birthplace metaphor CRADLE
Bookmarked addresses URLS
Brake part PEDAL
Brake part SHOE
Chatty pets PARROTS
City-building twins ROMULUSANDREMUS
Close-fitting SNUG
Cook quickly, as tuna SEAR
Crown jewels RUBIES
Declines, with ”out” OPTS
Difficult duty ONUS
Disneyland shuttle TRAM
Do ref work RULE
Doc bloc AMA
Dwindle ERODE
Easy win ROUT
Endless maps GLOBES
Extremely early PREDAWN
Eye boldly OGLE
Far from chatty CURT
Firewood quantities CORDS
Frat letter RHO
Frat letter CHI
Fuss ADO
Grounded Aussie EMU
Hamlet’s lament ALAS
Have a bug AIL
Have a feeling SENSE
In one piece WHOLE
Lawn pest MOLE
Legislative break RECESS
Lettuce on a plate, perhaps BED
Lip-smacking TASTY
Clues Answers
Loses one’s temper ERUPTS
Monster’s supposed home NESS
Mr. Turkey TOM
Northern European capital OSLO
Not as common RARER
Odom once wed to a Kardashian LAMAR
Onto the beach ASHORE
Organic neckwear LEIS
Pal of Pooh ROO
PD alerts APBS
Picks out ELECTS
Pretexts RUSES
Prone to deception FOXY
Raw metals ORES
Ready to strum TUNED
Scout’s job, for short RECON
Shield suit ARMOR
Sign of healing SCAB
Singly ALONE
Solicit, as business DRUMUP
Some sculptures BUSTS
Something in the air AROMA
Spiritual advisors GURUS
Swell at sea SURF
Terse invitation COME
Texter’s ”I think” IMO
Thumbs-ups OKS
Tooter HORN
Try to locate LOOKFOR
Twins of Ares (aka Mars’ moons) PHOBOSANDDEIMOS
Twins who sailed on the ”Argo” (aka the Gemini) CASTORANDPOLLUX
Two-purpose DUAL
Unseen elements GASES
Water holder PAIL
Web journal BLOG
Web marketplace EBAY
What sushi may be sold for YEN
Yawning in class, maybe BORED