Crossword Puzzle Info – May 24 2019

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Clues Answers
”. . . such __ is” ASIT
”. . . __ away childish things” IPUT
”Gunga Din” locale INDIA
”Paradise Lost” river STYX
10 Down agency of a sort NASA
1910s screen superstar BARA
45th state UTAH
A member of AMONG
AFL partner CIO
Allude REFER
Bad spell HEX
Be discontented FRET
Breakfast order [letters 2-6] HARDBOILEDEGGS
Capital of 41 Across RUPEE
Common scholarship donor ALUM
Compass reading NNE
Conan’s home after NBC TBS
Conclusion intro ERGO
Contralto’s concern TEMPO
Creature comforts PETS
Erode or annoy EAT
Euro predecessor FRANC
Factor in pricing DEMAND
Former South American capital RIO
Frat letter ETA
French royal name LOUIS
Furnish for a time LEND
Get an __ effort EFOR
Goosebump-y EERIE
Head swellers EGOS
In-group ALIST
In-groups ELITES
Indy family name FOYT
Insignificant IDLE
It might move you on a mountain [letters 4-8] OFFROADBICYCLE
Jack London captain LARSEN
Journey TRAVEL
Juniper berry product GIN
Key near Q TAB
Knock-knock joke, e.g PUN
Largest Baltic States city RIGA
Litigate SUE
Modern moody music EMO
Munch Museum home OSLO
Not so great LESS
Oboist’s accessory STAND
Old-style ”Scram!” BEGONE
One on Santa’s staff HELPER
Overflow insurance [letters 4-8] FLOODBARRIERS
Poetic foot IAMB
Pop star from London ADELE
Put a name to IDED
Ready for reaping RIPE
Roguish SLY
Showing class TASTEFUL
Sitar melody RAGA
Snappy FAST
Soft ball since 1969 NERF
Solemn affirmations AMENS
Spinning wheel stat RPMS
Squeaks by EDGESOUT
Stratfordian nickname [letters 4-8] THEBARDOFAVON
Swanky POSH
Tennyson preposition ERE
Title like ”czar” SHAH
TurboTax choice EFILE
Unsettling sightings UFOS
Very funny folks RIOTS
West Point mascot MULE
White-tailed toon BAMBI
Without a 42 Down SOLO
Without exception ALL
Without interruption ONEND
World’s largest peninsula ARABIA