Crossword Puzzle Info – May 25 2018

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Clues Answers
”American” Pacific territory SAMOA
”How exciting!” OOH
”Looky here!” OHO
”Pinball Wizard” rock band THEWHO
”The Search for Spock”, e.g STARTREKMOVIE
”The Two Fridas” painter KAHLO
”Uncle!” IGIVE
”Without delay” directive ASAP
14th-century BC ruler’s nickname KINGTUT
5-to-500 currency EURO
Action-film art KUNGFU
April 1, in 2018 EASTER
Augustan Age poet OVID
Auto in Disney comedies LOVEBUG
Be smashing at stand-up OWNTHEROOM
Be vociferous SHOUT
Benefits SAKES
Brit WWII leader MONTY
Caesarean quote starter VENI
Conniving SLY
Delay deciding HEM
Desk basket labels INOUT
Desktop font ARIAL
Diner sign’s suggestion EATHERE
Dudes MEN
Dug-up commodity ORE
Eastern European capital SOFIA
Energy Star org EPA
Exotic wool source YAK
Fontana di Trevi locale ROMA
Fruit pulp FLESH
Get moving HOPTOIT
Go after ENSUE
Hair stylist’s tool HOTIRON
Harmonic and melodic TONAL
Inscribed ENTERED
It spans 11 time zones ASIA
Kids’ programming designation TVG
Clues Answers
Knockoff FAKE
Lose one’s temper with GOOFFON
Mideast flag carrier ELAL
Minor misunderstanding TIFF
Mud bath site STY
Navigation hazards REEFS
Norm PAR
Normally ASUSUAL
Nursery rhyme home SHOE
Org. with the Colts and Browns AFC
Phrase in grocery 71 Across YOURCHOICE
Pretzel shape ROD
Quantity of coins created MINTAGE
Quick bite NOSH
Resort west of Denver VAIL
Roll-call response AYE
Sale announcements ADS
Scriptural pronoun THY
See to completion FOLLOWTHROUGH
Shabby DINGY
Sharp, as a snapshot INFOCUS
Shout of approval YEAH
Show and tell VERBS
Small keepsakes TOKENS
Smooth-talking SUAVE
Something stored in sheds HOE
Southern pie filling YAM
Stir up AROUSE
Streaming-lecture acronym TED
Subject of lots of Clancy plots CIA
Tequila plants AGAVES
Texter’s astonishment OMG
That thing’s ITS
The way HOW
They’re in the book PAGES
Toppers of org charts CEOS
UV-related rating SPF
Winning streak RUN
__ clip (bike pedal part) TOE