Crossword Puzzle Info – May 25 2019

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Clues Answers
”If it’s handcrafted, . . . it’s on __” ETSY
”Outrageous!” HOWDAREYOU
”Second prize’s __ of steak knives”: Mamet ASET
”True story” ITIS
Amateurish ILL
Any Diamonds International site RESORTAREA
Aquafarm product ROE
Buff to an excessive extent NERD
Buffoons OXES
Caricature, by definition EXAGGERATE
Cause of many hand movements: Abbr DST
Certain flag holder MAST
Character in the Dead Sea Scrolls ABEL
Cuts down CURTAILS
Diminutive for Magdalena MAJA
Disentangle TEASEOUT
Disneyland souvenir EARS
Doesn’t keep going PAUSES
Early Beatles label EMI
Emulate the Vikings MARAUD
Finally realized NETTED
Fuel __ CELL
Gather hastily SCOOP
GE cofounder TAE
Give (out) METE
Got to the bottom of? MINED
Great examples ROLEMODELS
Green fruit, botanically PEAPOD
Inflexible one CUSS
Is jumping, as a joint COOKS
Isle with lochs SKYE
It ”provoketh thieves sooner than gold,” per the Bard BEAUTY
Last character seen in ”Hamlet” SMALLT
Many Matisses NUDES
Milliner’s supply DYES
National Flower of India LOTUS
Not so tough FRAIL
Of little consequence PALTRY
Official transcript’s impression SEAL
One with fangs on her bangs MEDUSA
Op-ed openers LEDES
Organic rodent-control device OWL
Paper partition RULE
Physics ending meaning ”way” ODE
Pisa/Mona Lisa rhymer COLE
Pointed out IDED
Post-training cool-down ICEBATH
Put something over SHROUD
Quite all right AOK
Quite an accomplishment NOMEANFEAT
Run-down SEEDY
Sales rep’s delight REORDERS
Seat of awareness EGO
Sends up en masse ROASTS
Sloppy, as Colonial copy INKSPOTTED
Soft and yielding MARSHMALLOWY
Sporting ball basket CESTA
Stirs ADOS
They’re on trial BETAS
Tied up in the ring ROBED
Used one’s chips ATE
Was too kind to PAMPERED
Water, vis-à-vis vodka ADULTERANT
Wear thin, say AGE
Year that’s two ER abbreviations MDCC
__ sci NAT