Crossword Puzzle Info – May 27 2018

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Clues Answers
”Get moving!” CMON
”Grecian Urn” guy KEATS
”Jabberwocky” opener TWAS
”Let’s shake on it!” DEAL
”That’s what you think!” HAH
’50s frequent headline nickname IKE
Atlanta-based cable channel TBS
Attacks verbally SNIPESAT
Auction site EBAY
Azure expanse SKY
Ballgame turnout CROWD
Bar mitzvah band selection KLEZMERMUSIC
Barnyard sound OINK
Barrel of laughs RIOT
Branch of Islam SUNNI
Brown photo tone SEPIA
Bureaucratic delay REDTAPE
Busy pro in Apr CPA
Calls off a project ENDSIT
Carpet fabric PILE
Certain sentence ender QUESTIONMARK
Chevy Chase golf film CADDYSHACK
Chilly COLD
Chocolate morsel CHIP
Chooses ELECTS
Christmas ornament shape ICICLE
Clear-cut separation CLEANBREAK
Conclusion of ”Hamilton” ACTII
Construct ERECT
Contest form ENTRY
Costa __ Sol DEL
Cultural pursuits ARTS
Did laps, perhaps SWAM
Director DeMille CECIL
Diversion with an 18 Down CARDTRICK
Doesn’t bug LETSBE
DreamWorks insect movie ANTZ
Engages. as an alarm ARMS
Envelope notation ATTN
Espionage acquisition INTEL
Examined EYED
Executive Dept. agency OMB
Explosive sound BANG
Exuberant YEASTY
Eyeglasses sidepiece TEMPLE
Former late-night host LENO
French filmdom CINE
French state ETAT
Frenzied LOCO
Furthermore ALSO
Go quietly SNEAK
Golden Rule word UNTO
Great care PAINS
Halliwell of the Spice Girls GERI
Has no presence ISNT
Haughty one SNOB
Have a tab OWE
Hawaiian welcome ALOHA
Health insurance figure COPAY
Hebrew National offering KOSHERFRANK
Hernando’s ”Huh?” QUE
Hiking routes PATHS
Hip-hop entourage POSSE
Hold in esteem VALUE
Huff and puff PANT
In full accord ASONE
Inappropriate, as behavior UNCOOL
Intensify ESCALATE
Is a boarder ROOMS
Is wearing HASON
Itinerary abbr ETA
Judge’s request PLEA
King of Spain since 2014 FELIPE
Clues Answers
Lake beside Buffalo ERIE
Landscaping shrubs YEWS
Leaving no tip for STIFFING
Less ornamented BARER
Long, long time EONS
Low-pH chemicals ACIDS
Make a misstep ERR
Make inquiries ASK
Make off with STEAL
Modern prefix ULTRA
Monumental EPIC
Mountain-road curves ESSES
Noisy birds JAYS
Not (be) FAILTO
Not so scintillating TAMER
Of cities URBAN
Off the mark AMISS
Parfaits and pies DESSERTS
Parting remark TATA
Permanently written ININK
Picked up from the air HEARD
Poker pack DECK
Polish for publication EDIT
Ponder (over) MULL
Portable beds COTS
Potato products FRIES
Provide with gear EQUIP
Rein in CURB
Retail inventory WARES
Reunion attendee AUNT
Run off to unite ELOPE
Sicilian landmark ETNA
Side of a doorway JAMB
Signaled on stage CUED
Singer McEntire REBA
Sister of Marge Simpson SELMA
Sit in the sun BASK
Smooch KISS
Soil turner HOER
Somewhat improper RACY
Sound of delight AAH
Sound of distress GULP
Southeast Asian river MEKONG
Splinter group CULT
Splinter group SECT
Sport fish BASS
Spumante city ASTI
Stage whisper ASIDE
Still-life container VASE
Subject matter TOPIC
Synagogue scroll TORAH
Tea of India CHAI
Terse affirmation ITIS
Thrash about FLAIL
Tied up, as skates LACED
Turn bottles into bags, perhaps RECYCLE
Unemotional STOIC
Ushers in SEATS
Wall bracket shape ELL
Was up to par FELTOK
Wedge-shaped symbol CARET
Windy City daily TRIB
Winning streak RUN
Woolly beasts SHEEP
Woolly beasts EWES
Wrestling surfaces MATS
Wright place KITTYHAWK
Yin’s complement YANG
__ the line (conformed) TOED
__-free (unpunished) SCOT