– May 29 2018

Clues Answers
Adjust a camera lens FOCUS
Adjust, as car wheels ALIGN
American Pacific territory GUAM
Antlered animals ELKS
Arm joints ELBOWS
Astronaut org NASA
Barbershop sweepings HAIR
Barcelona bull TORO
Battleship initials USS
Blue-jeans brand LEVIS
Brilliant success COUP
Building for farm animals BARN
Calculate the total of ADDUP
Company’s apparel rules DRESSCODE
Cough syrup amts TSPS
Courageous BRAVE
Declare to be true AVOW
Double-curve shape ESS
Engraved deeply ETCHED
Finishes ENDS
Fruit-flavored frozen desserts SHERBETS
German auto AUDI
Giddy elation GLEE
Glide around a rink SKATE
Green ”mini-cabbage” veggies BRUSSELSSPROUTS
Green veggie in spears ASPARAGUS
Green veggie with a ”heart” ARTICHOKE
Greet, as a film villain BOOAT
Group of actors in a play CAST
Gumbo ingredient OKRA
Halifax, __ Scotia NOVA
Help out AID
Hertz competitor AVIS
High-five, for example SLAP
Hold on to KEEP
Hold the title to OWN
Inexpensive eatery HASHHOUSE
Informal farewell TATA
Islam’s Almighty ALLAH

Clues Answers
Knock lightly TAP
Leave speechless STUN
Location SITE
Londoners, informally BRITS
Low-voiced singer BASS
Made of a sturdy wood OAKEN
Map book ATLAS
Marry WED
Mexican money PESOS
More than enough AMPLE
Not as much LESS
Office sub TEMP
Pre-holiday nights EVES
Prefix for angle TRI
Promotional connections TIEINS
Racetrack shape OVAL
Recedes EBBS
Recycling containers BINS
Residence HOME
Rounded roof DOME
Second-year student, for short SOPH
Several AFEW
Sheep females EWES
Show on TV again RERUN
Sizzling HOT
Snares TRAPS
Sparrows’ homes NESTS
Tears up RIPS
Televised AIRED
Throws softly TOSSES
Topped with frosting ICED
Valentine sentiment LOVE
Wagers BETS
Wet weather wear RAINCOAT
Wide-spreading trees ELMS
Wipe clean ERASE
Word of welcome HELLO
Works hard TOILS
__ in a million (rare) ONE

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